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AG-008-001 · Sub-fonds · 1948 - 1973
Part of United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964)

Series in the sub-fonds consists of cables, correspondence and files. Records relate to the organization of the United Nations Operation in the Congo and its administrative, economic, legal, finance, personnel, security and technical assistance matters. Records described include those of the UN Operation in the Congo, of the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General in the Congo, and of the Resident Representative.

Cables 1960-1964 S-0736
Cables 1961-1966 S-0840
Correspondence 1963-1966 S-0841
Listing of Civilian and Military Records 1960-1970 S-0843
Non-registry files 1950-1973 S-0752
Non-registry files - correspondence with the Congolese Government 1960-1962 S-0751
Officer-in-Charge Sture Linner's cables 1960-1962 S-0604
Registry files - administrative services of ONUC 1960-1968 S-0731
Registry files - economic matters 1960-1964 S-0738
Registry files - finance matters 1960-1965 S-0732
Registry files - legal matters 1960-1964 S-0734
Registry files - organization of ONUC 1952-1965 S-0741
Registry files - organization of ONUC 1959- S-0730
Registry files - personnel matters 1959-1969 S-0733
Registry files - political and security matters 1960-1965 S-0735
Registry files - Public Information matters 1960-1964 S-0740
Registry files - social welfare matters 1960-1964 S-0737
Registry files - Technical Assistance matters 1956-1967 S-0739
Technical Assistance Counterpart Committee files 1963-1965 S-0729
Technical Assistance - project files 1952-1973 S-0728

Katanga documents 1948-1964 S-0746
Katanga Government Security Administration records of investigation of nationals and foreign nationals 1949-1962 S-0742, S-0743, S-0744, S-0745

Records 1960-1967 S-0842

S-0746 · Series · 1948 - 1964
Part of United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964)

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, bulletins, photographs, newsclippings, handwritten notes, administrative circulars, maps, magazines, brochures, contracts, messages, personal identification materials, date books, business cards, receipts, lists, transcripts, questionaires, and unopened mail. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: instructions to maintain or establish public order; tribal conflicts; military movements; propaganda; information on various political parties; individuals suspected of communist activities; prisioners; investigations; UN personnel; mercenaries; and amateur radio. Correspondents include Mr. Rosio, Consul de Suede; A. de Ryckman de Batz, Vice-Consul de Suede; U. Thant, Secretary-General; Paul Kazembe, Le Commissaire Principal; Dr. Sture Linner, Officer-in-Charge; N. Kanakaratne, Legal Advisor; G. Munongo, Minister of the Interior. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

AG-008 · Fonds · 1948 - 1973

Fonds consists of records of the United Nations Operation in Congo relating to its mandate, missions and operations. Records include correspondence, reports, cables, Registry and non-Registry files on various matters. Fonds is comprised of the following four sub-fonds:

  • Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General in the Congo, Office of the Officer-in-Charge and Office of the Chef of Civilian Operations (AG-008-001)
  • Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (AG-008-002)
  • Branch Offices of the ONUC (AG-008-003)
  • Office of the Force Commander (AG-008-004)

Related records: For additional records relating to ONUC see the Secretaries-General Hammarskjold (AG-001) and U Thant (AG-005) fonds.

UN Operation in the Congo
S-0742 · Series · 1949 - 1961
Part of United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964)

Series consists of correspondence, handwritten notes, bulletins, newspaper clippings, lists, reports, photographs and interviews. Subjects relate to previous arrest information for a group of two thousand four hundred and sixty-eight individuals. Each folder holds the information for ten individuals in numerical order. Correspondents include G. Munongo, Minister of the Interior; J. Disase; J. Bomboko, Minister of Foreign Affairs; and many of the individuals listed on each folder. Arranged in filing number order.

Files 81-90
S-0742-0001-09 · Folder · 1949-01-24 - 1961-09-21
Part of United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964)

81 - Ujeko - Union De La Jeunesse Du Kongo; 82 - Sathikanda and Kendel; 83 - Kitawala; 84 - Ilunga, Jourdain; 85 - Kanku; 86 - Kiluba; 87 - Tambwe, Tambwe; 88 - Muteba; 89 - Mbayo; 90 - Lukadi