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United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958) With digital objects
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Captions for Photos 4351-4356

“Land from the sea.” A land reclamation program in Korea aimed at converting some 50 bays on the west coast of the country into rich rice lands within the next 10 years is being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture with the assistance of the United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA). The bay at Tae Chon, similar to many others on the west coast, was particularly suitable for reclamation. It swept in a wide semi-circle ending in the two headlands jutting out to sea. At low tide, the bay dried out into mudflats. By building a sea wall between the headlands, a distance of nearly four miles, it was possible to cut off the entire area. To build an adequate dike, an estimated 352,600 cubic meters of earth fill were required, together with the total stone facing of some 44,240 square meters.

Photo 4351

Korean construction engineer surveys the six kilometer long sea wall which protects the newly reclaimed land from the sea at Taechon-ni in South Korea. This dyke and sluice gate built with materials supplied by UNKRA is part of an overall program to enclose sea bays and improve the rice producing capacity of South Korea.

Photo 4353

The floating bridge at Kunsan built by UNKRA to enable large ships to discharge their cargoes at the docks instead of, as formerly, into lighters in the outer harbour. The bridge is constructed with pontoons attached to swing bridges which in turn are fastened to the permanent quay. This allows for a rise and fall of some 21 feet.

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