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Series consists of the following subseries: (1) Office of the Assistant Secretary-General, including the Executive Office, Conference Division, and Overseas Office; (2) Bureau of General Services, including Office of the Director, Communications and Division, Buildings Management Service, and Purchase and Transportation Division; (3) Bureau of Documents, including Office of the Director, Documents Control Division and Language Services Division

AG-016 · Fonds · 1945 - 2001

Fonds consist of the following sub-fonds:

AG-016-001: Conference and General Services (1946-1953)
AG-016-002: Department of Conference Services (1954-1957)
AG-016-003: Office of Conference Services (1958-1972)
AG-016-004: Department of Conference Services (1973-1991):
AG-016-005 Department of General Assembly Affairs and Conference Services (1997-2001)

Department of General Assembly and Conference Management

Series includes the following sub-series within DAG-11: (1) Library working files, 1948-1961; (2) Working files re the 10th Anniversary UN Charter Commemorative Celebration, 1955; (3) Directors working files relating to conferences of the Committee on Atomic Radiation, Economic Commission for Africa and Trusteeship Council in Rome, 1955-1965