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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: United States Zone (Pasing) Department of Finance and Administration

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, minutes of meetings and conferences, notes of staff meetings, pay-books, budget control book, travel orders, forms, receipts, progress reports, etc. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: finance and administration; medica; military; personnel; security; voluntary agencies; education and recreation of displaced persons; rehabilitation; UNRRA employees; transportation; clothing; vehicles; etc.


United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: French Zone (Haslach), Department of Field Operations, Welfare Services

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, bulletins, circulars, newspapers, monthly reports, and reports from welfare teams including the following: 583, Ehingen: 588, Calw; 589, Reutlingen; 209, Biberach; 210, Wangen; 578, Lindau; 579, Ravensburg; 580, Tettnang; 581, Leutkirch; 585, Saulgau; 206, Fribourg; 572, Gutach; 678, Lorach; 573, Mulheim; 577, Villingen; 582, Uberlingen; 676, Konstance; 211, Rottweil; 574, Balingen; 2, Landstuhl; 15, Lebach (Kreuzrech); 20, Koblenz (Gniezno); 48, Niederlahnstein; 61, Trier; Kaiserslautern; and Pirmasens. Subjects include welfare meetings; students and universities; zone inspections; nutrition; child welfare; and the Comite Intergouvernemental pour les Refuges.