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United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) (1945) Série organique
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Subject files

Series arranged in sub-series as follows: General files (including miscellaneous publications), public interest correspondence (including correspondence of Mr. Alger Hiss), administrative papers, progress reports, and presentation material. Sub-series arranged alphabetically.

Representative and Observer files

Series contains the following records in the stated order: a list of delegations to the Conference, credentials of delegates (arranged alphabetically by country), records relating to the assignment of representatives to UNCIO commissions and committees, a credentials list of authorized signers of Conference documents, reports on credentials and full powers, draft lists of delegates and delegations, records relating to UNCIO observers, and records relating to credentials for the Preparatory Commission.

Plenary - United Nations Committee on Jurists and General Committees - Working Papers

Series contains: working papers of the Conference, consisting of organizational records, Dumbarton Oaks Proposals comments and amendments, Conference agenda, correspondence, minutes, resolutions, and records of the Plenary United Nations Committee on Jurists and General Committees. Series arranged in order stated.

Documents, proceedings of the conference, and working papers

Commissions and Technical Committees - Working Papers

Series consists of two sub-series: working papers and meeting minutes. Working papers are arranged by Commission (I, II, III, IV) and by technical committee and sub-committee therein. Records include memoranda, press statements, reports, advisory opinions, and attendance records. Meeting minutes are arranged by Commission and by technical committee and sub-committee therein. These minutes were not included in bound volumes of printed conference documents.

Charter Materials and Related Papers

Series contains the following records in the stated order: copies of the Protocol of Deposit of Ratifications of the Charter and certified copies of the Charter; guides to Co-ordination Committee documents on the evolution of the Charter; photostatic of signatures of the Charter; copies of Instrument of Ratification of the UN Charter; approved text of the Charter; certified copies of the Charter in Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish; resolution on Interim Commission (Chinese); texts as approved by language panels; manuscripts for Charter, Statute of the International Court and Resolution on Interim Arrangements of Preparatory Commission (arranged by language); certification clause; signature pages; charter galley proofs (English, French, Russian Spanish); records relating to Charter completion and printing.