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Electoral Division

S-1811 contains records concerning provision of support and assistance by the United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador (ONUSAL) for the conduct of the national elections, which were held on 20 March of 1994.

Electoral Division
Records consist of: operational support plans for the elections; progress reports on the activities of the Electoral Division; plans and reports describing observation and monitoring activities enacted in regions; lists of polling stations; analyses of the media coverage of the electoral process; statements signed by candidates; reports describing problems in the process of issuing voter registration cards (carnets); descriptions of ONUSAL’s election-related activities with non-governmental organizations; and electoral and political reports prepared by ONUSAL’s regional offices. Correspondence covers such topics as: the selection and establishment of polling sites; the selection of electoral observers, who were deployed at polling sites to verify that electoral activities took place in a free and fair atmosphere; allegations of electoral fraud; and activities and events held by political parties. Records pertaining to ONUSAL’s preparatory mission for the elections include: work plans; reports assessing the pre-electoral climate; reports examining Salvadoran institutions integral to the electoral process; and reports monitoring fulfillment of the Chapultepec Peace Accords.

Records on political parties consist of: papers describing the principles and objectives of political parties; correspondence between ONUSAL officials and political party leaders; and complaints made about irregularities in the electoral process and improper conduct of public officials and candidates. Also included are lists, tables and statistics compiled by ONUSAL on: voting activities; voting centers; complaints and incidents in departments and municipalities; and the process of issuing voter registration cards (carnets) to members of the public. Records of the El Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) include: correspondence between ONUSAL officials and TSE officials; analyses of political parties; interviews with members of political parties; and reports on problems with El Salvador’s electoral process and possible solutions.

Electoral Division, Regional Office of San Salvador
Records consist of: information circulars and memoranda on the freedom of association; reports of the registration process in San Salvador towns and municipalities; lists of mayors; reports of the Electoral Division; codes of conduct followed in departments during electoral campaigns; operational support plans for the election as enacted in San Salvador and in other regions; booklets, brochures and publicity materials issued by non-governmental organizations that assisted with voter registration; and papers on election strategy, the recount process in San Salvador, methodology for electoral observation, and the organization and functions of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). Correspondence covers such topics as: selection of and requests for electoral observers; plans for voter registration events; alleged registration and electoral fraud; updates on candidates; campaign events; and post-election wrap-up. Records concerning electoral observers include: data on deployment; orientation materials on the departments of El Salvador; observation procedures; and reports on campaign events.

Complaints include reports of: illegal campaigning; registration and electoral fraud; vandalism; and threats and acts of violence intended to influence voters. Records documenting ONUSAL activities in the Department of Cuscatlan include: notes for the file about registration problems; lists of officials and non-governmental organizations active in the Department; and reports and statistics on the issuing of voter registration cards and the election. Records documenting ONUSAL activities in the Department of La Libertad include: correspondence between officials of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) and ONUSAL officials; results of voter registration drives; reports of visits to mayoralties (alcaldias); papers on the process of document verification and issuing of voter registration cards.

Legal Adviser

Legal Adviser
S-1814 consists of: correspondence between the Legal Adviser and the Head of Mission; summaries of the work of ONUSAL; memoranda about the destruction of weapons; reports on territorial disputes along the Salvadoran-Honduran border in regions called “los bolsones”; and correspondence and memoranda concerning privileges and immunities granted to ONUSAL staff involved in incidents.

Administration Division

Administration Division
Records of S-1815 include: ONUSAL Standard Operating Procedures; organization charts and papers for various offices and sub-offices; terms of reference for mission personnel; guidelines for Military Liaison Officers and Police Monitors on assignment; reports of the Secretary-General on ONUSAL and the peace process in El Salvador; and correspondence of the Chief Administrative Officer with Regional Coordinators regarding the phasing-out of the mission.

United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO), Special Advisor/Consultant - Israel/Lebanon Mixed Armistice Commission (ILMAC)

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, memoranda, photographs, reports, meeting notes, meeting minutes, press releases, newsclippings, and draft reports. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: complaints issued by Israel and Lebanon; sinking of Lebanese fishing boat Sanini; prisioners and infiltrators; sabotage and retaliation; and investigation reports on activities in El Fatah. Correspondents include Lieutenant Colonel Arnault, Chairman, ILMAC; Major Gat, Senior Israel Delegate; Lieutenant Colonel Hajjar, Acting Senior Lebanese Delegate; Lieutenant-General Odd Bull, Chief of Staff; and Henri Vigier, Special Advisor.

United Nati-s Truce Supervisi- (UNTSO), Special Advisor/Consultant - the Israel/Syria Mixed Armistice Commission (ISMAC)

Series c-sists of corresp-dence, incoming and outgoing cables, memoranda, maps, photographs, press releases, reports, drafts of reports, meeting minutes and summaries, and handwritten notes. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: Firing exchanges in D/Z-e; pris-ers; complaints and investigati- reports in Tel Qadi Area; Northern D/Z-e Firing and mine lifting incidents and investigati-s; Central D/Z-e complaints and investigati- reports; Southern D/Z-e complaints and investigati- reports; summary meetings and corresp-dence regarding Operati- Furrow; and various incidents - Lake Tiberias. Corresp-dents include Major B. Dori-, Canadian Army, UNMO; Mr. Kidr-; Dr. Ralph Bunche, Under-Secretary for Special Politcal Affairs; Lieutenant-General Odd Bull, Chief of Staff, UNTSO; Major General Carl V- Horn, Chief of Staff; Col-el Wm. H. Marsh, Acting Chief of Staff; Commander O. W. Melin, Swedish Army Chairman.

United Nations Truce Supervisi- Organizati- (UNTSO), Special Advisor/Consultant for Mount Scopus

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, memoranda, press releases, newsclippings, reports, photographs, maps, and agreements. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: missions and visits by UN Officals including Dr. Urritia, Dr. Bunch, and Mr. Cordier; Commonwealth graves including restoration, maintenance, and remembrance ceremonies; activities of Arab civilizations surrounding Mt. Scopus; chronology of Mt. Scopus project prepared by Dr. Urritia; Israeli patrols; situati- reports - various incidents; and the road to Issawiya village. Correspondents include Dr. Francisco Urritia, Personal Representative - Secretary-General regarding Mt. Scopus; David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister of Israel; Henri Vigier, Special Advisor; Dr. Ralph Bunche; Colonel B. V. Leary, Acting Chief of Staff, UNTSO; Andrew Cordier, Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General; Lieutentant-General Odd Bull, Chief of Staff, UNTSO; Lieutentant Colonel O. H. Burn, New Zealand Army, Chief of Staff's Representative for Mt. Scopus; Lieutentant Colonel G. A. Flint, Canadian Army, UNTSO Representative for Mt. Scopus; Lieutenant Colonel J. A. Huot, Canadian Army, Chief of Staff Representative for Mt. Scopus.

S-1805 · Serie · 1993 - 1994
Parte de United Nations Operation in Mozambique (ONUMOZ) (1992-1994)

S-1805 contains records of the Public Information Office (PIO). Records consist of: notes and memoranda for press briefings attended by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG); memoranda sent to the SRSG from the Chief Information Officer (CIO); quarterly reports of the Public Information Office; daily news summaries, which include ONUMOZ-produced updates on mission activities; reports describing the functions of the Public Information Office and its role during the elections; and memoranda describing media projects undertaken during the mission. Also included are records pertaining to the Social Communication Programme, which was a campaign to promote the image of ONUMOZ through the dissemination of its objectives and mission by radio, television, print media and special events.

S-0307 · Serie · 1989 - 1990
Parte de United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) (1989-1990)

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1986-1992: Goulding)

Series consists of numbered code, clear, and only cables (incoming and outgoing) regarding the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) supervision of the implementation of the Namibian independence plan. Includes military strength and daily situation reports, drafts of the Namibian constitution, and maps. Subjects include the monitoring of voter registration and elections; the withdrawal of South Africa Defense Forces (SADF); UNTAG relations with the South West African People's Organization (SWAPO); cease-fire violations; and the establishment of a Constituent Assembly. Other subject areas include discriminatory and restrictive legislation; the Angolan peace process; and the release of political prisoners. Correspondents include UNTAG Commander-Designate, Military Component of UNTAG Lt. Gen. Prem Chand; and Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Namibia Martti Ahtisaari.

Accession numbers: 93/126, boxes 1-9

Actual series size: 19 boxes


Subject Files - UNTAG
S-0308 · Serie · 1978 - 1991
Parte de United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) (1989-1990)

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1970-1978: Guyer; 1974-1985: Urquhart; 1979-1981: Perez de Cuellar; 1981-1988: Cordovez; 1986-1992: Goulding)
UN. Under-Secretary-General for Department of Peace-keeping Operations (1992-199 : Annan)

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, code cables (incoming and outgoing), meeting minutes, incident reports, maps, United Nations documents, agreements, press releases and daily press briefings regarding the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) supervision of the implementation of the Namibian independence plan. Includes some original correspondence addressed to the Secretary-General from Permanent Representatives to the United Nations and meeting minutes of the Secretary-General's Working Group on Namibia. Bulk of materials date from 1988 to 1990. Subjects include the Namibian election process including registration of voters and election supervisors;and the withdrawal of troops from Namibia, cease-fire violations, and local political parties, including the South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO). Other subjects documented include the South African Defence Forces (SADF); KOEVET; the South West African Police (SWAPOL); the war in Angola; contributing countries; political prisoners; refugees; and administrative and military matters including aircraft, force strength, vehicles, personnel and finances. Correspondents include Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Namibia Martti Ahtisaari and Commander-Designate, Military Component of UNTAG Lt. Gen. Prem Chand.

Accession numbers: 1993/141, boxes 1-15; boxes 2-3 missing -- Accident/Casualty/Incident Reports, 14/3/1989-11/10/1989

Actual series size: 21 boxes


Public Information Office (PIO)

S-1820 contains records concerning public information and communications support provided to the United Nations Preventive Deployment Force (UNPREDEP).

Public Information Office (PIO)
Records consist of daily and weekly summaries describing national and international news, as reported in Macedonian newspapers, television, and radio outlets and with particular attention to countries bordering Macedonia. Media outlets include: the newspapers Vecer, Dnevnik, Nova Makedonija, and Makedonija Denes, Delo, Puls, Fokus, and Forum; Macedonian Radio and Radio NOMA; and the television stations Telma, MTV 1 and A1 TV. Daily summaries cover the activities of UNPREDEP, and provide commentary on news events. The topics include: activities of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and of President Kiro Gligorov; local political developments, including election results and appointments of government ministers; the presence of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces in Macedonia; interethnic relations, including updates on the flag-displaying legislation and language disputes; civilian demonstrations; Macedonian foreign relations, including Macedonian-Taiwanese relations and Macedonian-Serbian relations; the entry of refugees into Macedonia; and the extension of the UNPREDEP mandate. Daily summaries also include transcripts of interviews with: the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG); Macedonian government ministers; and leaders of political parties.