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UNCIO Photographs -- Guiellermo Toriello, C.S. Simpson, Gerard E. Lescot -- International Conference San Francisco

Original Caption: International News Phtos, San Francisco Bureau Slug/Guatamala -- Liberia, Haiti .... Among those who spoke today before teh United Nations Conference on International Organization were teh following, left to right... Guiellermo Toriello, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the delegation from Guatemala, C.C. Simpson Vice President and Chairman of the delgation from Liberia, and Gerard E. lescot, Minister of Foreign affairs adn chairman of the delegation from Haiti April 1 1945.

B&W print with original caption attached.

[Albania] Kasem Demi, Liaison Officer with UNRRA in the Camerian Anti-Fascist Council, talking with Camerian refugees in Elbasan.

UNRRA / 3716

"His uncle, Idris Demi, is a member of the US Camerije Society and lives in Hartford, Conn. (Alb. Ph. 2410456 - photo by UNRRA, Albania Mission)."

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Demi, Kasem
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration - People
Girls - Albania - Elbasan


[Albania] Refugees from Cameria live in ruined barracks, huts and half-destroyed houses which is all war-shattered Albania can spare them. They are dressed mostly in rags and have enough to eat so that they can live and no more.

UNRRA / 1390-2

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Children - Albania


[Argentina] Buenos Aires, Argentina corn donated by the Argentine government to UNRRA, which is being shipped to Italy for use in the UNRRA relief program there.

UNRRA / Argentina 1750 [Scanned Image - Gray Scale]

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Food relief - Argentine
Food relief - Argentine - Italy
Shipping - Argentina - Buenos Aires
Men - Argentina - Buenos Aires
Corn - Argentina - Buenos Aires

[Austria] A load of UNRRA potatoes are shown arriving [in Vienna] by train. The trucks will then take them to the wholesalers.

UNRRA / Austria 5518 [Scanned Image - Gray Scale]

"Quick distribution of food is one of the most important problems which face the Austrian govt. As stock piles in Austria, are at the present, practically non-existent, hold-up of distribution means virtual starvation for the population of Vienna. Photo: Boria."

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Food relief - Austria
Shipping - Austria - Vienna
Railroad locomotives - Austria - Vienna
Trucks - Austria - Vienna

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