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Photo 240

A stall in a Kunsan market, showing the typical Korean rubber shoe with the turned-up end. Black shoes are for every day, blue or white for dress. Average price is the equipment of 50 cents per pair. After a rain the sockless average Korean can wash his shoes and feet in one operation.

Photo 256

Scene in the rolling mill of the Chosun Machine Manufacturing Company's plant at Inchon. Much better equipped than the Samwha plant, this factory produces iron bars and replacement rollers for its own rolling mill. Here a worker blasts the sand form off a replacement roller with a compressed-air chisel.

Photo 260

The rolling mill at the Chosun plant, with hot iron bars being fed from one set of rollers to another to reduce their size. Capacity of the mill is three to five tons per eight-hour shift. The mill was made in Japan.

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