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United Nations Office for Special Political Affairs (1955-1991) Série organique
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Second United Nations International Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy (UNICPUAE)

UN. Office for Special Political Affairs (1958-1972)

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing clear cables, brochures, memoranda, abstracts, lists of invitees, and statistics. Subjects include the planning and execution of the Second UN Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy (UNICPUAE) held in Geneva, 1-13 September 1958 and include conference speakers and sessions, and relevant agencies. Correspondents include Conference Secretary-General Sigvard Eklund, Brian Urquhart of the Office for Special Political Affairs, and officials with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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Cambodia/Thailand - J.F. Engers' - Subject Files

UN. Office for Special Political Affairs (1958-1972)

Series consists of incoming and outgoing clear and code cables, correspondence, administration, reports, and press clippings relating to various missions sent to Cambodia and Thailand by the Security Council and the Secretary-General to resolve border and political disputes. Subjects include the special mission by Nils Gussing to Cambodia, the Security Council's special mission to Cambodia and Thailand, radio broadcasts about the border disputes, the Indochina People's Conference of 1965, and the Mekong Valley Development Project. Correspondents include Secretary-General U Thant, Chef de Cabinet C.V. Narasimhan, Special Officer J. F. Engers, and Special Envoy Nils Gussing. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

First United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF I) code cables master files

Series consists of incoming and outgoing numbered code cables (signed originals) relating to military, political, legal and administrative matters, including operations, the withdrawal of foreign troops from Egypt, deployment and troop strength, incidents and violations on air, sea and land, survey and demarcation of frontier lines, the expulsion of foreigners, the repatriation of prisoners of war, negotiations with the host country on UNEF's operation, Suez Canal levies, the return of El Arish settlement to Egypt's civil administration, UNEF reoroganizations, security arrangements, finance, logistics, personnel and miscellaneous general services. Correspondents include Ralph Bunche, Major-General Edson L.M. Burns, Andrew Cordier, Dag Hammarskjold, George Lansky, Chakvarathi Narasimhan, Major-General Carlos Flores Paiva Chaves, Lieutenant-General Indar Rikhye, Jose Rolz-Bennett, Major-General Syseno Sarmento, Major-General Prem Singh Gyani, Constantin Stavropoulos, Donald Sullivan, U Thant, Brian Urquhart and David Vaughan.

Personal files

Series consists of the personal office files of Brian Urquhart. Many files contain correspondence with public figures, including senior United Nations and government officials and personal friends. Correspondence includes invitations to speak at universities and private organizations, requests for employment, holiday greetings and congratulatory notes and letters related to Mr. Urquhart's promotion to Under-Secretary-General. Also included are records documenting the negative press about the United Nations generated by United States journalists and private think tanks. Included in the series are lists of speaking engagements and copies of speeches and lectures that Mr. Urquhart presented to national and international institutions and organizations such as the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, the International Peace Academy and Princeton University, and the full texts of and documents related to Brian Urquhart's published writing from 1949 to 1985. These writing files include the background papers and manuscript of Brian Urquhart's book "Hammarskjold" (1972) and his autobiography "A Life in Peace and War" (1987), newspaper and journal articles, editorials, obituaries and statements. Also documenting his role as a public figure are interviews with leading news organizations such as the British Broadcasting Corporation and The New York Times. The series also includes bound volumes of United Nations periodicals; books and other printed material collected by Brian Urquhart; photographs of Brian Urquhart; video cassettes; and audio recordings. Additionally, files related to Ralph J. Bunche, containing biographical data, photographs and writing of Ralph J. Bunche are included in the series. Subject files concern Ralph J. Bunche's retirement from the United Nations; the Ralph J. Bunche memorial at the Rogosin Kidney Center in New York; the Daniel Larue Johnson sculpture dedicated to Ralph J. Bunche, "Peace Form One"; the Dag Hammarskjold Memorial "Single Form", created by sculptress Barbara Hepworth; and the deposit of the Ralph J. Bunche papers.


This short series documents the situation in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). In particular, records relate to the implementation of Security Council resolutions upon Ian Smith's government in Southern Rhodesia for armed aggression against the Republic of Zambia. Also included are records related to Lieutenant General Prem Chand's mission to Southern Rhodesia as well as Zimbabwe's admission as a member state of the United Nations (1980). Records include correspondence (official and personal), working papers, and press clippings. Correspondents include Prem Chand and Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim.

Southeast Asia - Kampuchea - Indochina/Vietnam

Series documents United Nations peacekeeping and relief efforts in Southeast Asia, particularly regarding Kampuchea and Vietnam. Documented is UN involvement in the resolution of the refugee problem in Kampuchea resulting from armed conflict between Vietnam and China (1979-1984). Also documented are mediation efforts during the Paris Peace Talks regarding the end of war between Vietnam and the United States. Included is material related to Secretary-General Waldheim's Kampuchea meetings with leaders and representatives of Southeast Asian nations. Records include agreements, correspondence, press releases, etc. Correspondents include Sir Robert Jackson (Coordinator of Relief Assistance in Kampuchea), Dr. Victor Umbricht, M. Raymond Aubrac, Under-Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, and Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim.

United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) - Administration and Operations Reports

Series consists of reports submitted to the Executive Assistant (Andrew Cordier), and later to the Under Secretary-General (Bunche), by the Chief Military Observer (typescript), reporting on all aspects of UNMOGIP. The administration reports, which were issued monthly (January 1951 to October 1953), report on the numbers of observers and changes in personnel, as well as on their medical problems, and on other matters such as equipment, flights, transportation, and communications. The operations reports, issued twice per month (numbered 1 through 356, dated November 1950 to September 1965), contain summaries of complaints and incidents. Arranged by type of report.

United Nations Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea (UNCURK) - Correspondence - Principal Secretary

Series early records are those of Andrew Cordier, Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General, and later records those of Ralph Bunche, Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs. Records types include letters and a wide variety of attachments, including numbered code cables, new clippings, 15 photographs, and United Nations documents, (including some 1958 "Summaries of developments", mimeographed), relating to UNCURK. Documented are political and economic developments in Korea, including civilian problems, and proceedings of the Committee of UNCURK. The photographs, various sizes, include group portraits of UNCURK members, UNCURK sites, and United Nations Day ceremonies. Correspondents include C.V. Narasimhan, Secretary General Trygve Lie, and the UNCURK Principal Secretary. Arranged chronologically.

Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General - Commission for Eritrea records

Series consists of letters (primarily originals), memoranda, clear cables, numbered code cables, speeches (copies), some commission minutes, Commission reports (originals), drafts of Eritrean constitution, a map of Eritrea, and United Nations documents relating to the UN Commission for Eritrea. Documented are updates on Commission's progress, updates on Eritrea political events, updates on the UN Tribunal in Eritrea activities, the Commission's finances and personnel matters. Correspondents include Andrew W. Cordier, Secretary-General Trygve Lie, and the Commission's Principal Secretaries (P.J. Schmidt, Egon Ranshofen-Wertheimer and Eduardo Anze Matienzo). Arranged in broad subject categories.

Ralph J. Bunche - Subject Files

UN. Office for the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (OUSGSPA)

Note: These papers pre-date the establishment of the Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs. Bunche served as the USG from 1958-1972

Series consists of the papers retained by Ralph J. Bunche throughout his employment with the UN. Subjects include the 1949 Israel-TransJordan General Armistice Agreement (annexes contain maps); the 1949 Israel-Syrian General Armistice Agreement; the Convention d'Armistice; the 1949 Israel-Lebanese General Armistice agreement (with map); armistice negotiations; and congratulatory messages conferred upon Bunche for his receipt of various awards and honors. Files contain the original armistice agreements with signatures.

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