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Chief Operating Officer; The UNIKOM News; Operating Procedures

Series contains in-house publications, manuals, jpeg images, PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word documents, and a videocassette relating to UNIKOM activities and procedures. Publications include: The UNIKOM news (July 1992 - Dec. 2002), Airstrip & airfield diagrams ; Helicopter diagrams (1994), and UNIKOM weather (2001). Manuals consist of operations orders, standard operating procedures (SOPs), security instructions, and fire safety instructions.

Electronic records have been burned onto CD-Rs in box S-0956-0002. Presentations (PowerPoint files) also have been printed out and filed. The original storage media received by ARMS, with data intact, are in box S-0956-0003.

Includes 913 MB of graphic material (189 photographs, 52 presentations, 10 drawings, 1 chart), 6 MB of cartographic material, and 853.3 KB of textual records.

Security & Safety Section - Investigation Reports

Series contains investigation reports and related documents of the UNIKOM Security & Safety Section (SSS) for the year 2003 only. Reports are grouped by subject (stolen items, traffic accidents, miscellaneous), and by SSS case number therein. A general file, appearing at the beginning of the series, consists chiefly of miscellaneous correspondences regarding certain incidents.

Title based on series contents.

Office of the Chief Operations Officer - Maps and Related Records

Series contains UNIKOM patrol maps, hand-drawn wall maps, and annotated United Nations maps of the Iraq-Kuwait border region. North Sector, South Sector, and Maritime Sector patrol maps (scale 1 : 100,000), are arranged chronologically and dated 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. Also included in the series are patrol map user's manuals, helicopter landing site directories and a small number of miscellaneous working papers.

Maps are chiefly laminated.

maps need to be re-housed/processed upon arrival of archival materials
Title based on series contents.

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - Correspondence

Series is comprised of UNIKOM representatives' (primarily Chief Administrative Officer and Force Commander) correspondence with United Nations Headquarters (UNHQ), Kuwaiti authorities, and others. Subjects covered include: transfer of UNIKOM assets to other UN missions; repatriation of Bangladeshi contingent-owned equipment (COE); medical evacuation of UNIKOM personnel from Baghdad to Kuwait following 2003 attack on UNAMI; sale or return of equipment and vehicles to Kuwait; UNIKOM performance reports, mandate review reports, short weekly activity reports, redeployment worksheets, liquidation plan and progress reports; safety and security; CAO monthly reports on mission support; erroneous reporting in regional newspapers; NBC protection equipment; visits to UNIKOM by UN officials and Bangladeshi delegation; claims; incidents and accidents; water & electricity supply; contracts; and alleged discrimination against Sudanese & Jordanian UNIKOM staff members. Record types include standard letters, notes verbales, inter-office memoranda, e-mail correspondence, and related attachments. Series is arranged by non-UNIKOM correspondent (UNHQ, various, and Kuwaiti authorities, in this order) and sub-arranged either by record type (e.g. reports, notes verbales) or chronologically.

Title based on series contents.

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - Operational subject files

Operational subject files of the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer. Folder topics, in this order, are: contingent-owned equipment; relocation of UN assets from UNIKOM installations; assistance to humanitarian operations; status of mission agreements with Iraq and Kuwait; opinions of or audits by the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), United Nations Board of Auditors (BOA), and the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ); UNIKOM Supply and Property Management Section (SPMS); administrative instructions; information circulars; general administrative matters; and administrative flowcharts.

Title based on series contents.

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - UNIKOM Service Insitute, UNIKOM Club, and Kheitan Club

Series contains meeting minutes, constitutions, and general operational records of three UNIKOM business establishments: UNIKOM Service Institute (USI), UNIKOM Club, and Kheitan Club. Also included are related agreements between UNIKOM and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and between UNIKOM and Iraq. Folders are arranged by subject and chronologically therein.

Title based on series contents.

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