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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: French Zone (Haslach), Department of Field Operations, Office of the Director

Series consists of case files of voluntary agencies, bulletins, team photographs, correspondence (including Casernes-Ecoles letters), and memoranda. Subjects include the Anglo-American Committee for Palestine (and other voluntary agencies; the Mission Poloneise de Repatriement; French zone detachments; the administration of displaced persons; Service de Sante; Secretariat operations; and supply and transport. Correspondents include F. E. Morgan, Chief, German Operations; Carl H. Martini, Director, Department of Field Operations; General F. Lenclud, Director, French Zone; and C. J. Marchal, Assistant-Director, Relief Services.


United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: Central Headquarters (Arolsen), Department of Field Operations, Reports and Analysis Division

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, meeting and conference minutes, copies of draft and final resolutions, operations reports, blank applications for tracing displaced persons, personnel materials (including job descriptions and salary schedules), daily summary reports, Central Tracing Bureau policies and procedures, technical instructions, British and United States Zone administrative orders, team bulletins, narrative and statistical reports, situation reports, and newspaper clippings. Subjects include the reporting requirements of the European Regional Office; the operation of the German, Austrian and International Red Cross; operating procedures for the United States Tracing Bureau; unaccompanied children; the Child Welfare Conference of 1946; the Allied Central Authority; and the PCIRO (Preparatory Commission of the International Refugee Organization). Correspondents include Lieut.-General F. E. Morgan, Chief of Operations, Germany; Jay B. Krane, Chief, Reports and Analysis Division; Carl H. Martini, Director, Department of Field Operations; and E. E. Rhatigan, Director, Displaced Person Operations for Germany.


United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: Central Headquarters in Arolsen, Office of the Chief and Deputy Chief

Series consists of correspondence, press releases, press clippings, photographs, radio and conference transcripts, labor reports, incident reports, statements, British and American monthly zone reports, staff lists, and administrative memoranda. Subjects include child tracing; the Citizens' Committee on Displaced Persons; the takeover of UNRRA by the CCG (Control Commission for Germany); camp incidents (including theft and black market activities); repatriation; and the Preparatory Committee for the International Refugee Organization. Correspondents include Sydney M. Morrell, Chief of Public Information; Roman Flohr, Director, Central Tracing Bureau; Major-General E. D. Fanshawe, UNRRA Zone Director; and G. E. McCandlish, Chef de Cabinet.


United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany: Central Headquarters in Arolsen, Bureau of Finance and Administration

Series consists of progress reports, ledger and expense sheets, supply catalog and price lists, financial work sheets, outgoing cables and correspondence, and memoranda concerning the financial and administrative matters relating to the handing over of UNRRA to the International Refugee Organization (IRO). Subjects include but are not limited to the following: property and supplies transferred by UNRRA to IRO; correspondence with insurance companies; detail of bulk settlement of U.S. Army charges relating to displaced persons operations; list of UNRRA files held for IRO reference; claims and unpaid bills; leases and rents; looting of UNRRA goods; and staff lists. Correspondencts include A.J. Stierhout, Chief Accountant; E.D. Fanshawe, Major General, British Zone Director, PC IRO; and Margaret Shergold, UNRRA Historian.

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