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United Nations Office for Special Political Affairs (1955-1991) Series
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Office for Special Political Affairs - Subject Files

UN. Office for Special Political Affairs (OSPA) (1970-1978: Guyer; 1979-1981: Perez de Cuellar; 1974-1985: Urquhart; 1981-1988: Cordovez; 1986-1992: Goulding)
Note: Files in this series were transferred in 1992, when the Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs became the Department for Peace-Keeping Operations. Files were transferred under the auspices of the Office for Special Political Affairs, but reflect the operations of the Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (OUSGSPA) for the time span specified. Above names refer to the Under-Secretaries General who were in office from 1975 to 1988.

Series consists of briefings, annual reports and statements of the Secretary-General, country files, chemical weapons reports, inspections, notes on meetings, miscellaneous personnel and administrative files, information circulars, UN documents and economic surveys. Subjects include aircraft and ship incidents; Contadora; the Ford Foundation; the fortieth anniversary of the UN; observer groups in the Iran / Iraq Gulf; the Ocean Earth Corporation (OEC; the Columbia-Venezuela conflict; the League of Arab States; the Falkland Islands; Dominican hurricanes; refugees; travel standards; SPA-44 (I-84); R552; R. S/514; and R598. Correspondents include Under-Secretary-General of Special Political Affairs D. Cordovez; Under-Secretary-General for Political and Security Council Affairs U. A. Ustinov; A. Farah (UN Interim Force in Lebanon); and Deputy Director for the Centre for Human Rights K. F. Nyamekye.

Accession number: 1992/004

Actual series size: 14 boxes

Afghan Petitions

UN. Office for the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (OUSGSPA) (1974-1985: Urquhart; 1981-1988: Cordovez)

Series consists of the signed petition sheets of nearly one-million individuals that were presented to Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs Diego Cordovez by Ambassador Zarif of Afghanistan. Petitions were presented to Cordovez sometime in July, 1982. This series represents a sample from the original four-foot accession. Petitions feature decorative drawings and thumbprints above each signature.

Accession number: 1982/130

Actual series size: 1 box


Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic - Jose Antonio Mayobre

Series consists of administrative files of Jose Antonio Mayobre, Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic (Repdom), established in 1965 by S/RES/203 (1965).

Records consist mostly of subject files containing primarily correspondence and reports, drafts of reports, cables, and press releases.
These concern the responsibilities of the Reporting Mission of the Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic; incidents; visits to prisons by United Nations teams; elections; the cease-fire, 1965, and reports from United States forces of cease-fire violations; and human rights violations.

Some correspondence is with United Nations Headquarters.
Also included are United Nations Security Council reports, resolutions, and other documents concerning the Dominican Republic;
and miscellaneous correspondence, clippings, maps, reports, and reprints.

Missions and Commissions Records (DAG-13)

contains UNTSO (1950-present), UNTPC (1948) and UNOGIL (1958) working files (DAG-13).

The Commission's task was to supervise the truce between Arab and Jewish communities. It lasted from April to June 1948.
Included are a copy from the agreement concerning "No Man's Land" in Jerusalem, concluded and signed by the opposing parties on June 16, 1948 during the first truce which began on June 11, 1948; maps of the areas in Jerusalem referred to in the above agreement; and miscellaneous cables, minutes, memoranda, working papers, notes, and a report on the Palestine Question from the files of Pable de Azacarate.

Correspondence - Ivory Coast and to Guinea

UN. Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1965-1971 : Rolz-Bennett)
Series consists of letters (mostly copies), clear cables, numbered code cables, Secretary-General draft reports, notes to the file, press clippings, press releases, speeches of the Secretary-General and United Nations documents. This series documents political incidents that took place between the Republic of the Ivory Coast and the Republic of Guinea in 1967, over the detention of two Guinearn diplomats in the Rpublic of the Ivory Coast. Correspondence includes: Jose Rolz-Bennett, Chef de Cabinet C.V. Narasimhan, Secretary-General U Thant, representatives of Guinea (including the President Ahmed Sekou Toure) and of the Ivory Coast, and the Special Representivates of the Secretary-General (including Pier P. Spinelli.)
Accession Numbers: Unknown

Mission of the Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic (DOMREP) - Subject Files

Administrative history: The duration of the mission was May 1956 to October 1966.

Series documents administrative matters, meetings with representatives of the Organization of American States (OAS), and includes situation updates. Records consist of clear cables, numbered and unnumbered code cables, mission reports, draft progress reports of the Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic Jose Antonio Maybre, OAS reports, etc. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

United Nations Peace-keeping Forces in Cyprus (UNFICYP) - Cables

Series consists of cables relating to UNFICYP. Numbered code cables relates to UNFICYP Operation's including the resolution of military incidents and upates of the political situation in Cyprus. Correspondence include: Under-Secretaries-General Ralph Bunche and Jose Rlz-Bennett, Secretary-General U Thant, Officails from Legal Office and Field Service, and UNFICYP top echelon (including Chief Administrative Officer Frank Begley and Special Representative of the Secretary-General Carlos Bernardes).
Accession 72/88

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