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Secretary-General U Thant (1961-1971) Series
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Series consists of the personnel case files of top echelon staff the responsibility of the Secretary-General. The files served as biographical files as well as administrative files. Records vary widely including correspondence and code cables handwritten notes programs press statements newspaper clippings etc. Arranged alphabetically by case file.

Gifts - Photograph Albums

Series consists of photo albums, many of which were official gifts from member nations to the Secretary-General during his travels. In addition, there is a small volume of photographs albums which date from the period when U Thant was ambassador of Burma to the United Nations. Copyright restrictions may apply; please consult the archivist. Arranged chronologically.

Locations: Boxes 1 to 14 are shelved at Q323-R011-SU01; boxes 15 to 28 are in SU02; oversized and unboxed albums associated with boxes 1 to 28 are all in SU02.

Gifts - Moving Images

Films primarily document appearances of Secretary-General U Thant, but include other periods and subjects as well. See file list for details. Copyright restrictions may apply; please consult the archivist. Arranged chronologically.

Locations: All films in this series are shelved at the location indicated; please note, however, that some of the very large films are not boxed.


Series documents the Secretary-General's appearances with heads-of-state and other representatives of member nations and at special events of various types, photographs of the Department of Public Information, with captions on verso, which are currently filed by month (February 1969 through December 1971, boxes 1 to 23). Additional photographs in this series are: by journalists and journals documenting events at the United Nations; by journalists documenting Visits to a wide variety of countries and regions; a set of miscellaneous photographs of smaller sizes, undated, some with captions, some without; a set of family photographs (dated 1951); a set of studio portraits (1961-1966, with box 48 containing the oversize portraits). Photographs are various sizes. Some copyright restrictions may apply; please consult the archivist. Arranged in the order described above.

Locations: Boxes 1 to 47 are shelved at FF123-R002-SU13 and 14; box 48 (oversize) is shelved at FF123-R020-SU08

Private Records - Season's Greetings Cards

Series consists of greeting cards, photographs, receipts, newspaper clippings, letters, postcards, business cards, brochures and invitations. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: holiday greeting cards from permanent representatives, heads of state, members of governments, organizations, government officials, personal friends and the general public; U Thant's birthday, retirement and health; the UN Annual Ball; Robert F. Kennedy's requiem mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral; and the Vietnam conflict. Correspondents include John Lindsay, Mayor, City of New York; Richard M. Nixon, President, USA; Anwar El Sadat, President, United Arab Republic; the Dalai Lama; Ted Kennedy, US Senator; Golda Meir, Prime Minister, Israel; Nelson A. Rockefeller, Governor, State of New York; John D. Rockefeller, 3rd; Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971. Series arrangement: chronological.

Manuscript - A View from the United Nations

Series consists of drafts, handwritten notes and notebooks which constitute the manuscript for U Thant's book, View from the UN. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: the Middle East situation; the situation in Vietnam; ONUC, the Congo peace-keeping mission; the Cuban Missile Crisis; the role of the Secretary-General; and the United Nations financial crisis. Arranged by record type.

Private Records - 1971-1974 - Post Retirement

Series consists of cables, handwritten notes, interview transcriptions, reel-to-reel tapes, minutes of conferences, photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, reports, speeches, drafts, memoranda, press releases and resumes. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: the culmination of U Thant's career as Secretary-General; the Cuban missile crisis; apartheid; the situation in Vietnam; the Six Day War; world population; peace-keeping; disarmament; U Thant's medical condition and treatment; U Thant's death and condolences; post-retirement correspondence with the UN, various organizations, associations, colleges and universities; Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Scholarship; papers of Adlai E. Stevenson and the Adlai E. Stevenson Institute; memoirs; tributes to U Thant by the General Assembly. Correspondents include U Thant, Secretary-General; George H.W. Bush, Permanent Representative from the US; Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General; Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Glenn A. Olds, President, Kent State University; Lord Caradon, Permanent Representative from the UK; John D. Rockefeller, 3rd; Nelson A. Rockefeller, Governor, State of New York; Charles W. Yost, Permanent Representative from the US; John V. Lindsay, Mayor, City of New York; Indar Jit Rikhye, President, International Peace Academy. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971. Series arrangement: alphabetical.

Peacekeeping - Official Documents

Series is comprised of official United Nations documents on peacekeeping matters, arranged in by subject. Subjects are: Middle East; Congo; India - Pakistan; Vietnam; China; Secretary-General (matters referred to); hijacking; kidnapping of diplomats; financing of Peacekeeping operations. Arranged in the preceding order, and therein by type of official document (e.g. General Assembly, Security Council, press releases, etc.).

Correspondence - Individuals and Organizations

Series consists of interview transcriptions, business cards, memoranda, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, agendas, brochures, cables, diagrams, handwritten notes and letters, maps, postcards, speeches, translations, agreements, cartoons, drafts, information circulars, invitations, press releases, resumes, notes for the record, programs, airfreight bills, magazines, journals, drawings, tear sheets. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: investigation into the death of Dag Hammarskjold; American public opinion regardingand the Secretary-General; donations; situation in the Middle East, Occupied Territories; biography of U Thant entitled U Thant - the Search for Peace by June Bingham; Hymn to theby W.H. Auden and Pablo Casals; conflict in Vietnam; assassination of Martin Luther King; situation in Tibet and the Dalai Lama; Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation; nuclear disarmament;25th Anniversary; changes in the new charter for the UN; acknowledgements of books, gifts, requests, assistance and comments; appointments requested by letter; interview by David Sureck for Look Magazine; offers of services; regrets for invitations to speak, articles, photos, sponsorship and messages; end of the year statements by U Thant; Christmas card lists; shots fired at the Soviet mission; Dag Hammarskjold memorial, death, foundation and 10th anniversary. Correspondents include U Thant, Secretary-General; C.V. Narasimhan, Chef de Cabinet; Piero Vinci, Permanent Representative from Italy; June Bingham, Author; Dalai Lama; Henry T. Heald, President, Ford Foundation; Thor Heyerdahl, Explorer; Jacqueline Kennedy; Coretta Scott King; John V. Lindsay, Mayor, City of New York; Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, President and Publisher, The New York Times; Bertrand Russell; George Ivan Smith, Director,Information Centre; Brian Urquhart, Director, Offices of the Under-Secretaries-General for Special Political Affairs; Robert Muller, Director, Executive Office of the Secretary-General; Eleanor Roosevelt. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971.


Series consists of press statements, interview transcriptions, transcriptions of press conferences, and lists. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: United Nations' budget; development; human rights; United Nations Development Decade; political situation in Vietnam; decolonization; World Food Conference; Trust Fund for South Africa; UNIPOM and India/Pakistan dispute; political situation in Cyprus, UNFICYP, and paying for UNFICYP; Secretary-General's trips; nuclear test ban treaty; purchase of UN bonds by member states; flag-raising ceremonies; political situation in the Congo and ONUC; disarmament; appointment of UN personnel; messages of condolence; emergency relief and assistance to member states; pledging conferences; natural disasters; and voluntary monetary contributions by member states. Arranged chronologically.

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