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S-0002 · Serie · 1949 - 1954
Parte de United Nations Office for Special Political Affairs (1955-1991)

Series consists of letters (primarily originals), memoranda, clear cables, numbered code cables, speeches (copies), some commission minutes, Commission reports (originals), drafts of Eritrean constitution, a map of Eritrea, and United Nations documents relating to the UN Commission for Eritrea. Documented are updates on Commission's progress, updates on Eritrea political events, updates on the UN Tribunal in Eritrea activities, the Commission's finances and personnel matters. Correspondents include Andrew W. Cordier, Secretary-General Trygve Lie, and the Commission's Principal Secretaries (P.J. Schmidt, Egon Ranshofen-Wertheimer and Eduardo Anze Matienzo). Arranged in broad subject categories.