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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) (1943-1946) Inglés
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[Yugoslavia] the Germans also paid a price for their invasion of Yugoslavia

Image shows a wrecked German army vehicle, Yugoslavia. Additional title information Even today along the roads throughout the country can be seen their wrecked guns, trucks, staff cars, and troop carriers. In their retreat northwest-wards after the failure of their seventh offensive with their Chetnik and Ustasha satellites, the Germans were forced to leave behind tremendous material. Here is a Bosnian youth in native dress surveying a wreck on the mountain road. In the background are the famous "Bloody Mountains" where some of the most savage battles of the resistance took place." No date: [ca. 1946 or 1947]. Photo no. / UNRRA 1275. Original title category: "Destruction" Unscanned image.

[Yugoslavia] Zenica, Yugoslavia UNRRA food supplies not only rebuild undernourished bodies in Yugoslavia but help build morale as well

Image shows four smiling Yugoslav boys playing in the street, Yugoslavia. Additional title information: "Little boys whose fathers work in the iron and steel works at Zenica fashion toys from UNRRA condensed milk cans. One can rolls on the ground - two others, on the friction principle, whirl in the air." No date: [ca. 1946 or 1947]. Original title category: "Yugoslavia, Children" UNRRA 3005. Unscanned image.

[Yugoslavia] Zenica Steel Mill

Image shows a man demonstrating the use of a hand-held farm implement, Yugoslavia. Additional title information: "Though tanks and guns have replaced swords on the scrap metal heap, Zenica does turn out ploughshares. Zdenko Mazanik, manager of the farm implement division, demonstrates a special number with a blade that flips over for ploughing on Bosnia's steep hillsides." Date: "July 1946" UNRRA 3591. Original title category: "Farm Machinery and Equipment - Yugoslavia" Unscanned image

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