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Administration Division

Administration Division
Records of S-1815 include: ONUSAL Standard Operating Procedures; organization charts and papers for various offices and sub-offices; terms of reference for mission personnel; guidelines for Military Liaison Officers and Police Monitors on assignment; reports of the Secretary-General on ONUSAL and the peace process in El Salvador; and correspondence of the Chief Administrative Officer with Regional Coordinators regarding the phasing-out of the mission.

Administration and Finance

Series consists of records pertaining to administration and finance of the United Nations. Contained in the series are records related to the recruitment of personnel, job applications and records associated with the employment application process. Personnel files also contain records pertaining to current staff of the Executive Office of the Secretary-General (EOSG) and current personnel in United Nations offices and departments; reappointment, promotion, status and retirement of personnel; assignment of personnel to missions and United Nations organs; evaluations of employee performance; documents concerning termination and extension of personnel contracts; records documenting complaints of employees; and letters of appreciation of service from the Secretary-General. Other personnel records pertain to the status of women in the United Nations Secretariat and to the profiles of D.2 personnel and Under-Secretaries-General. Records documenting the financial crisis of the United Nations pertain to the High Level Open-ended Working Group on the Financial Situation of the Organization and the debt of member states. Financial records also include documents proposing measures to improve the financial profile of the organization.

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