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Victor Lessiovski - working files

Personal Assistant to the Secretary-General (1963-1971:Lessiovski)

Series consists of working files of Victor Lessiovski, including press releases, summary reports, statistical information, lists of participants and other information relating to 1970 World Youth Assembly, reports and minutes of meetings of preparatory committee, suggestions and some correspondence relating to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the UN in 1970, and miscellaneous General Assembly papers, such as lists of speakers and related correspondence, meeting schedules, etc.

Accession number is 72/124

Various Countries and Organizations

Series consists of a variety of records (letters, memoranda, clear cables, numbered code cables, press releases, news clippings, etc.). Includes text of 1959 U Thant speech and correspondence relating to Pope Paul VI's visit to the United Nations. Correspondents include C. V. Narasimhan, Jose Rolz-Bennett, U Thant, and representatives of the various countries and organizations (e.g., the Vatican, the Holy See and the International labor Organization). Arranged alphabetically by country.

United States Zone - Office of the Director

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: United States (U.S.) Zone (Pasing), Office of the Director

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, cables, meeting minutes and agendas relating to meetings and conferences, instructions, policy and procedures, notes of the week, press releases, district circular letters, periodic reports containing narrative and statistics, team reports, questionnaires, surveys, samples of school textbooks and pamphlets printed by UNRRA, news clippings and organizational charts relating to the administration and operations of the U.S. Zone. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administrative matters; the British and French zones; displaced persons: education, health, nationality, employment, Jewish problems and affairs, repatriation, tracing, welfare, child search, screening, etc.; camps and teams; legal matters; personnel matters; military government and directives; public information; security; and supplies and transport.


United States Zone - Maps and Finding Aids to UNRRA Installations

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: United States (U.S.) Zone (Pasing)

Series consists of monthly station lists of UNRRA installations; lists of teams and teams absorbed; lists of assembly centers by zone and location; information relating to the displaced persons population; organizational chart of Team 330 (3/1947); map of locations of UNRRA hospitals (6/1947); blueprints of Camp Spittal hospital electrical installations (1946); and Spittal displaced persons site plan (1945).


United States Zone - Districts Area Teams - Operational and Administrative

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: United States Zone (Pasing), Area Teams

Series consists of Assembly Center and Area Team operational and administrative files for Districts 1, 2, 3, and 5. Materials include memoranda, correspondence, meeting minutes, daily summaries, field inspector's, medical, nutritional, dental, security, status, statistical, and voluntary agency reports, newspapers, administrative forms, and personnel lists. Subjects include deactivated teams; child search teams; St. Ottilien Hospital; Wiesloch Hospital; displaced person hospitals; Struth Children's Center; Jewish Centers; security incidents; camp population; and individual assembly centre and team operations.


United States Zone - District, Team and Camp

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: United States Zone (Pasing), Area Teams

Series consists of directives, weekly, monthly, team, military inspection, inventory and health reports, nominal rolls, personnel materials (lists, evaluations and assignments), photographs, newspapers, displaced person publications, textbooks, tracing lists, organizational charts, correspondence, and memoranda. Special emphasis is placed on Area Team 1046 (Regensburg), Team 120 (Regensburg), Team 717 (Bettenhausen), Area Team 1069 (Rosenheim), and Area Team 1070 (Bad Reichenhall). Subjects include team histories; camp publications; rations; inspections; displaced person schools; camp incidents; team deactivation; and screening. Correspondents include A. T. Berney-Ficklin, District Director; R. J. Blackmore, Field Supervisor; H. C. Bergstrom, Field Supervisor; R. D. Metzger, Field Supervisor; J. H. Whiting, Director, U.S. Zone; R. W. Collins, Chief of Field Operations; Helen Zilka, Chief, Field Operations; C. J. Taylor, Chief, Field Operations; Meyer Cohen, Chief of Operations, Germany.


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