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AG-038 · Fonds · 1946 - 1992

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-1050 Military Component
S-1040 Civilian Component
S-0602 Commission for Namibia Records
S-0529 Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG)
S-0308 Subject Files - UNTAG
S-0307 Cables

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AG-031 · Fonds · 1936 - 1988

Records consist primarily of administrative, personnel, and country files, which show a country's participation in and contribution to a mission, ca. 1948-1983, for each United Nations field operation or mission. Included are photostatic copies of 29 separate I-HJK demarcation line maps for the Palestine area and military approval signatures; general administrative files, 1949-1955; administrative files concerning the United Nations Service Medals (Korean Medals), 1950-1956; United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC)/United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) country and administrative files (list A), 1959-1962; ONUC administrative files including a manual of procedures for the Leopoldville Finance Office and Field Offices as of 1 January and ONUC casualty file, 1963- 1964, comprising cable and memo notifications to Headquarters and Delegations; ONUC administrative country and finance files, 1963-1964; UNEF administrative country files (List B), 1963-1964; UNEF strength reports (List B), 1963-1965; UNEF supply and logistic country files, 1965; and ONUC administrative country files for 1965.

Fonds consists of the following Sub-fonds:
AG-031-003 United Nations Field Operations Division
AG-031-002 United Nations Field Operations Service
AG-031-001 United Nations Field Service

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Secretary-General U Thant (1961-1971)
AG-005 · Fonds · 1935 - 1979

Fonds consists of the records of Secretary-General U Thant, relating to his responsibilities as chief administrative officer of the Secretariat and as chief coordinator of the legislative, political, socio-economic, and military bodies of the United Nations. Also included are records from an earlier period, when he was Burmese Representative to the United Nations, and private records from his post-retirement years. Fonds is arranged in the following record series.

Briefs, correspondence, speeches (1935-1974) S-0890

Administrative and management matters - administration of the Secretariat (1953-1972) S-0855
Administrative and management matters - top echelon personnel (1957-1974) S-0852
Memorabilia - gifts - moving images (1961-1971) S-1001
Memorabilia - gifts - photograph albums (1961-1971) S-1002
Memorabilia - photographs (1962-1972 ) S-0975
Memorabilia - sound recordings (1961-1971) S-0512
Memorabilia - tributes and gifts (1962-1972) S-0551
Peacekeeping - code cables (1961-1971) S-0862
Peacekeeping - Congo (ONUC) (1961-1964) S-0874
Peacekeeping - Congo (ONUC) 1960-1965 S-0875
Peacekeeping - Congo (ONUC) - subject files and correspondence with member states 1959-1964 S-0845
Peacekeeping - Congo (ONUC) - United Nations Advisory Committee on the Congo verbatim minutes 1960-1963 S-0849
Peacekeeping - Cuba 1962-1971 S-0872
Peacekeeping - Cuba 1962-1964 S-0873
Peacekeeping - Cyprus 1960-1971 S-0869
Peacekeeping - Cyprus 1964-1971 S-0870
Peacekeeping - Dominican Republic 1961-1971 S-0867
Peacekeeping - general 1960-1971 S-0879
Peacekeeping - India/Pakistan 1962-1973 S-0863
Peacekeeping - India/Pakistan 1964-1971 S-0868
Peacekeeping - Middle East 1957-1973 S-0861
Peacekeeping - other countries 1961-1971 S-0878
Peacekeeping (official documents) 1960-1971 S-0888
Peacekeeping - other countries 1961-1971 S-0878
Peacekeeping - Political and Social Security Council Affairs analysis 1962-1971 S-0881
Peacekeeping - Vietnam 1961-1972 S-0871
Peacekeeping - Vietnam 1962-1972 S-0866
Peacekeeping - West Irian (UNTEA) 1950-1963 S-0876
Peacekeeping - Yemen (UNYOM) 1963-1967 S-0877
Political matters - country files 1960-1971 S-0884
Political matters - disarmament 1961-1971 S-0880
Press clippings 1958-1975 S-0860
Press conferences 1961-1971 S-0889
Press releases 1950-1974 S-0891
Public relations 1951-1972 S-0864
Secretary-General's correspondence with heads-of-state, governments, and representatives to the United Nations 1961-1972 S-0882
Secretary-General's correspondence with individuals and organizations 1960-1974 S-0887
Secretary-General's correspondence with outside organizations (international conferences, expositions, meetings, etc.) 1961-1979 S-0859
Secretary-General's speeches 1961-1971 S-0885
Secretary-General's statements 1961-1967 S-0886
Secretary-General's trips and engagements 1961-1971 S-0883
United Nations commissions, committees and conferences 1962-1972 S-0858
United Nations General Assembly 1953-1971 S-0856
United Nations Security Council and other organs 1962-1971 S-0853
United Nations specialized agencies 1962-1972 S-0854
United Nations subsidiary bodies 1960-1972 S-0857

U THANT, 1909-1974
Private records - 1961-1971 period 1953-1972 S-0892
Private records - manuscript 'View from the UN' 1962-1974 S-0894
Private records - post-retirement 1971-1974 1963-1975 S-0893
Private records - Season's greetings cards 1961-1974 S-0895

Languages: Some French, Spanish, and numerous others

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AG-009 · Fonds · 1942 - 1949

Fonds consists of the records of the Preparatory Commission created in the course of its activities, which included organizing and documenting the first sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Fonds is arranged in the following record series.

Cables 1945-1946 S-0929
Minutes 1945-1946 S-0931
Official documents 1945-1946 S-0930
Non-Registry files 1945-1946 S-0924
Registry files 1945-1946 S-0539
Permanent Headquarters Committee Records 1945-1946 S-0532

Conditions of access: No access restrictions apply.

Related records:

Records of the Temporary London Office see AG-002.
Records of the the preparatory commission in Brian Urquhart Fonds, S-1053

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AG-074 · Fonds · 1970 - 1994

The functional description of records in AG-074 is based on the retention schedule of the Peacekeeping and Political Operations Retention Schedule (PORS) through the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and Department of Field Support, dated 1 August 2011.

AG-074 consists of:
S-1930 Chief of Mission and Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General
S-1938 Peace Promotion Activities
S-1939 Electoral Division

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AG-067 · Fonds · 1993 - 2007

The functional description of records in AG-067 is based on the “Peacekeeping and Political Operations Retention Schedule,” DPKO/DFS, v. 3, June 2011. The names of the series comprising AG-067 were drawn from the records series listed in the retention schedule. During archival processing, the files were assigned to series based on their function.

In AG-067, the office of origin described in the box title indicates the records' origin from the mission's organizational structure. In a departure from this, the office of origin for records that originate from 2008/0126 is described in the box title as either UNMOT or UNTOP. With the exception of records from 2008/0126 that were assigned to S-1868 and S-1869, it was not possible to identify a more specific office of origin.

AG-067 contains records of the United Nations Mission of Observers in Tajikistan (UNMOT) (1994-2000) and the United Nations Tajikistan Office of Peace Building (UNTOP) (2000-2007). All folders in AG-067 are identified as originating from either UNMOT or UNTOP in the Folder Properties in the Office of Origin field.

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-1871 Security Management
S-1869 Human Rights
S-1868 Humanitarian Affairs - Coordination, partnership
S-1866 Elections
S-1865 Military
S-1864 Management and Integration - Reporting to United Nations Headquarters
S-1863 Political Affairs - Coordination, partnership - Discussion, negotiation
S-1862 Public Information and Communications

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AG-058 · Fonds · 1946 - 1967

Included are correspondence, cables, reports, and memoranda concerning the establishment of the mission; background on Jordan; complaints by Jordan; the radio war between radio stations in Amman, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and the United Arab Republic, 1958-1960; border and transit disputes with Syria; the assassination of Prime Minister Majali, 1960; and other incidents and disputes.

Of note are Spinelli's reports to United Nations headquarters; and memoranda, cables, photographs, and press releases concerning the mission's involvement with the Six Day War, 1967.

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-0652 Subject Files - Administrative, Political
S-0651 Cables

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AG-056 · Fonds · 1957 - 1959

The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, cables, lists of military observers, personnel lists, reports, summaries of events, photographs, clippings, press releases, statistics, and charts of the United Nations Observation Group in Lebanon (UNOGIL) Military Personnel Section, Military Evaluation and Information Unit, Air Operations Section, and Logistics Section.

Also included are registry files containing correspondence, reports, press releases, clippings, and miscellaneous other documents concerning personnel, finances, and other administrative matters of UNOGIL, including reports of Observation Groups and Military Observers, and official correspondence with the Lebanese government.

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-0666 Subject Files - Military
S-0665 Subject Files - Logistics
S-0664 Subject Files - Air Operations
S-0650 Subject Files

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AG-035 · Fonds · 1966 - 1980

Included is correspondence, cables, reports, press releases, accounts, working papers, maps, printed material, and other documents, 1973-1980, for UNEF-2's Central Registry; also from the Office of the Force Commander, including the Engineering, Air Operations, Medical, Logistics, and Military Personnel Branches; the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer; and the Officer-in-Charge of UNEF liquidation. These document all aspects of the operations and administration of UNEF-2.

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-1799 Officer-in-Charge, UNEF Liquidation - Cables and Correspondence Relating to UNIFIL
S-1798 Officer-in-Charge, UNEF Liquidation
S-1797 Office of the Force Commander - Office of the Chief Administrative Officer Survey and Investigation Branch - Subject Files
S-1796 Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - Chronological Files
S-1795 Force Commander Office of the Chief of Staff - Camp Command
S-1794 Office of the Force Commander - Office of the Chief of Staff Military Personnel Branch - Board of Inquiry
S-1793 Office of the Force Commander - Office of the Chief of Staff - Medical Branch
S-1792 Office of the Force Commander - Office of the Chief of Staff - Air Operation Brach - Subject Files
S-1791 Office of the Force Commander - Office of the Chief of Staff - Engineering Branch (Polish) - Subject Files
S-1790 Office of the Force Commander - Office of the Chief of Staff - Operations Branch - Senior Military Information Officer - Maps and Related Information
S-1789 Senior Military Information Officer - Series A-L - top secret missile zone Inspections
S-1788 Senior Military Information Officer
S-1787 Office of the Force Commander - Office of the Chief of Staff - Operations Branch
S-1786 Office of the Force Commander - Unrestricted
S-1785 Office of the Force Commander - Office of the Chief of Staff - Restricted
S-1784 Office of the Force Commander - Legal Affairs Officer
S-1783 Office of the Force Commander
S-1782 Records - Code Cables - Military
S-1781 Records - Central Registry - Organization (OR Series)
S-1780 Records - Central Registry - Public Information (PU Series)
S-1779 Records - Central Registry and Legal Matters (LE Series) - Privileges and Immunities of Host Countries
S-0531 Records - Central Registry - Finance (FI Series)

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Secretary-General Kofi Annan (1997-2006)
AG-029 · Fonds · 1954 - 2009

UN-Wide Policy S-1091
Intra-Organisational Relations S-1092
Inter-Agency Relations S-1093
Intergovernmental Programmes and Initiatives S-1094
Issues S-1095
External Relations S-1096
Press matters and public relations S-1097
Secretary-General's activities S-1098
Administration and Finance S-1099
Secretary-General Personal S-1100
Strictly Confidential Notes of Meetings, etc. S-1101

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