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S-0752 · Série organique · 1950 - 1973
Fait partie de United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964)

Series consists of a wide variety of non-registry files, including political matters, reports and correspondences, political situation files, telex conversations and cables, personal papers, Civilian and Technical Operations files, Technical Assistance files, Congo Fund files, Conferences and meetings, visits and inspections by UN officials, military matters (extensive), structure and functioning of the Congolese Government files, Armee Nationale Congolaise files, weekly situation reports, mercenaries files, foreign nationals and undesirable persons files, refugees, prisoners, and requests for UN protection files. Types of records are correspondence, cables, code cables, newspaper clippings, progress reports, speeches, minutes of meetings, handwritten documents, aides-memoires, forms, press releases, memorandas, summary records, telegrams, maps, and notes verbale. Correspondents include: Carey Seward, Chief Administrative Officer; R. Gorge, Principal Legal Advisor and Political Advisor; Dag Hammarskold, Secretary-General; Mr. Gardiner; Philippe de Seynes, Under-Secretary for Economics and Social Affairs; Andrew Cordier, Special Representative of the Secretary-General; E.W. Mathu, Chief, UN Representative in Elisabethville; B.F. Osorio-Tafall, Chief of Civilian Operations; Ralph Bunch, Under-Secretary; Max Dorsinville, Officer-in-Charge; and S. Linner, Acting Special Representative, ONUC, Leopoldville. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Restrictions: Series contains sensitive personal information. Please consult the archivist for access details.

S-0728 · Série organique · 1952 - 1973
Fait partie de United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964)

Series consists of correspondence, monthly reports, tables, telegrams, incoming and outgoing cables, code cables, memoranda, minutes, reports, journals, press clippings, maps, business cards, itineraries, and blueprints. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: agricultural advisory service; meteorology services; postal operations; telecommunications; educational services; monetary council; public finances; economic analysis; health services and training; mining and natural resources; police; public administration; public works programs; and social affairs. Correspondents include S. Habib Ahmed, Chief of Civilian Operations; A.C. Gilpin, Deputy Chief, Civilian Operations; M.D. Chaturvedi, Chief, FAO Mission; James R. Brooks, Deputy Chief, Civilian Operations; Godfrey K. J. Amachree, Under-Secretary in Charge of Civilian Affairs in the Congo; Carey Seward, Chief Administrative Officer; J.M. Correa, Chief, ICAO Mission; J.W. O'Bryne, Chief, WHO Mission; Cyrille Adoula, Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo; Dr. Ralph Bunche, Under-Secretary in Charge of Congo Civilian Affairs; B.F. Osorio-Tafall, Chief of Civilian Operations; and Gustav Cederwall, Controller of Public Finance. Arranged in filing number order.