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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) (1943-1946) Pièce
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[Canada] Canadian manufacturers co-operated with Mutual Aid to prepare a shipment of millions of pounds of laundry soap to go to Europe through UNRRA.

UNRRA / Canada 740 [Scanned Image - Gray Scale]"This picture, taken in the Colgate-Palmolive-Peet factory at Toronto, shows the final stage of packing - putting the Mutual Aid export insignia on a carton. (National Film Board Photograph).&qu...

[China] This blind youth was begging in the streets of Hengyand [i.e. Hengyang?] before he was brought to the UNRRA orphanage.

UNRRA / 1682"The children are fed powdered milk and soft rice. Their diet has been so poor that many are not able to digest even these bland foods. (Photo by N.F.B.)."United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation AdministrationChinaBlind pers...

[China] UNRRA-CNRRA (Chinese National Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) orphanage in Hengyand [i.e. Hengyang] cares for 590 children.

UNRRA / 1695"They are housed in war-wrecked temple. The children are fed UNRRA powdered milk. Many of them suffer from night blindness because of malnutrition (Photo by N.F.B.)."United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation AdministrationChin...

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