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United Nations Office for Special Political Affairs (1955-1991) Serie
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United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP)

Series documents the efforts of the United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) to safeguard the sovereignty of the Cyprus government during a period of armed conflict between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. Included are records that document the political and military situation on the island as well as UNFICYP Intercommunal Talks (1971-1982). Records include code cables, letters, press clippings, and photographs. Correspondence via code cable between Turk, Greek, Cypriot and UN officials comprise the bulk of the series. Arranged in the following broad categories: code cables, correspondence, and subject files, which include records that document incidents and episodes.


Series documents anti-apartheid developments in Namibia. Records relate to the mission of UNTAG (United Nations Transition Assistance Group) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in Namibia. The series contains working papers, notes on meetings, press clippings and correspondence such as code cables, letters, and handwritten notes. Correspondents include Lieutenant General Prem Chand and Virenda Dayal. Arranged by subject.

Political Events in West New Guinea (West Irian)

Series consists of records evidently collected for the use of Fernando Ortiz-Sanz (Special Representative for the Act of Free Choice in West Irian). Records include letters, memoranda, clear cables, United Nations official documents, press releases, and press clippings. Included are original letters of protest against and in support of the Indonesian regime, and the final conclusions (copy) of the UN Temporary Executive Authority in West New Guinea (West Irian) (UNTEA) Administrator Djalal Abdoh. Correspondents include Jose Rolz-Bennett, UNTEA Administrator Djalal Abdoh, Resident Representative of the UN Technical Assistance Board Vojko P. Pavicic, and West New Guinea government officials and political group. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Office of the Under Secretary General - Special Political Affairs (OUSGSPA)

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs

Series consists of plans, reports, minutes, and memos. Subjects include the UN General Assembly, budget & finance, receptions for visiting dignitaries, and staff matters. Also included are humanitarian issues such as the situation of Jewish communities in the Soviet Union and Arab countries and prisoners of war, mostly in the Middle East. Correspondents include Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, Under-Secretaries-General for Special Political Affairs Ralph J. Bunche, Brian Urquhart, and the International Red Cross.

Actual series size: 1.5 feet.

Laos Mission - J.F. Engers' - Cables

UN. Office for Special Political Affairs (1958-1972)

Series consists of incoming and outgoing clear and code cables and press cables. Subjects include administration of the UN mission to Laos, peace negotiations between Laos and Vietnam over border incidents, economic and technical aid to Laos, and the Laotian political situation. Other subjects include the Economic Commission on Asia. Correspondents include Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General Andrew Cordier and Special Officer J.F. Engers.

Accession numbers unknown.

Afghan Petitions

UN. Office for the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (OUSGSPA) (1974-1985: Urquhart; 1981-1988: Cordovez)

Series consists of the signed petition sheets of nearly one-million individuals that were presented to Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs Diego Cordovez by Ambassador Zarif of Afghanistan. Petitions were presented to Cordovez sometime in July, 1982. This series represents a sample from the original four-foot accession. Petitions feature decorative drawings and thumbprints above each signature.

Accession number: 1982/130

Actual series size: 1 box


Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic - Jose Antonio Mayobre

Series consists of administrative files of Jose Antonio Mayobre, Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic (Repdom), established in 1965 by S/RES/203 (1965).

Records consist mostly of subject files containing primarily correspondence and reports, drafts of reports, cables, and press releases.
These concern the responsibilities of the Reporting Mission of the Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic; incidents; visits to prisons by United Nations teams; elections; the cease-fire, 1965, and reports from United States forces of cease-fire violations; and human rights violations.

Some correspondence is with United Nations Headquarters.
Also included are United Nations Security Council reports, resolutions, and other documents concerning the Dominican Republic;
and miscellaneous correspondence, clippings, maps, reports, and reprints.

Missions and Commissions Records (DAG-13)

contains UNTSO (1950-present), UNTPC (1948) and UNOGIL (1958) working files (DAG-13).

The Commission's task was to supervise the truce between Arab and Jewish communities. It lasted from April to June 1948.
Included are a copy from the agreement concerning "No Man's Land" in Jerusalem, concluded and signed by the opposing parties on June 16, 1948 during the first truce which began on June 11, 1948; maps of the areas in Jerusalem referred to in the above agreement; and miscellaneous cables, minutes, memoranda, working papers, notes, and a report on the Palestine Question from the files of Pable de Azacarate.

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