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Photo 5387

Mr. W.R. Dyer, Chief of the UN Technical Assistance Unit of the World Meteorological Organisation, and Dr. Won Chul Lee, Director of the Meteorological Bureau of the Republic of Korea, examining the rain gauges at Seoul Observatory, Korea. The main observatory was destroyed during the war and has not yet been rebuilt. This operation is housed in temporary premises on a hilltop on the edge of Seoul.

Photo 6634

Mungyong Cement Plant. Unloading the first shipment of Mungyong-produced cement at Seoul Railroad Station. On hand to meet the train were the Vice-Minister of Commerce and Industry, representatives of the Korea Cement Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the owners of the plant, and officials of UNKRA. The plant which was built at a cost of $9,000,000 and hwan 2,300,000,000 went into operation at the end of September. Its annual output will be 200,000 metric tons which, together with production from Samchol Cement Plant, will go a long way towards meeting Korea's domestic demands.

Photo 6646

3 staff members of the National Vaccine Laboratory, Drs. Chun Nam Ho, Chu Chi Ki and Chung Hee Young, left Seoul Airport yesterday (25/12/57) to follow a programme of planned study in the US under the auspices of UNKRA. Their 6 months' period of advanced specialized training, which will cover vaccine production, laboratory technique and chemical research, is part of the Agency's programme of technical assistance to the National Chemical and Vaccine Laboratories for which $36,000 has been allocated. Under this scheme, 7 or 8 senior technicians will be sent to Europe or the USA to study modern ideas and techniques in their various fields and so enable the UNKRA-rehabilitated laboratories to operate with maximum efficiency.

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