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United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) (1945) With digital objects
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UNCIO Photographs -- Jan marsaryk, Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia

Original caption: "Jan Masaryk, Foreing Minister of Czechoslovakia and head of his delegation to the United Nations Conference, steps off his plane at San Francisco with the observation that "Little people should b[e] seen and not heard" at the conference. April 4, 1945

B&W print, original caption attached.

UNCIO Photographs -- Conference Celebrates Prematurely

Original caption: Conference Celebrates Prematurely: This was the scene as the United Nations confrence April 28 prematurely celebrated a report that Germany had surrendered. Cameramen are photographing two Chilean delegates holding up a newspaper bearing the news, while Soviet foreign commissar, V.M. Molovtov, presiding officer stands on speakers platform applauding the news. April 28, 1945

B&W print, original caption attached.

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