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AG-068 · Fonds · 1945 - 2001

AG-068 contains the records of six political and peacekeeping missions active in Haiti during the 1990s:

International Civilian Mission in Haiti, OAS/UN (MICIVIH), 1993-2000
United Nations Mission in Haiti (UNMIH), 1993-1996
United Nations Support Mission in Haiti (UNSMIH), 1996-1997
United Nations Transition Mission in Haiti (UNTMIH), 1997
United Nations Civilian Police Mission in Haiti (MIPONUH), 1997-2000
International Civilian Support Mission in Haiti (MICAH), 2000-2001

The concurrent deployment of the various missions resulted in administrative and operational integration in the field and during the transport of records at the box, folder, and item levels. Because of this, the records for the Haiti missions have been retained and arranged in one fonds, instead of in separate fonds.

A mission has been identified for all files in the collection. The name of the mission is indicated in the Office of Origin field at the folder level. This enables searches for specific missions. In addition, the acronym for the name of the mission is written in the upper left corner of the folder.

Some folders contain documents for several missions. For these folders, the name of the mission was determined by the majority of documents in the folder.

For a few folders, a specific Haiti mission could not be identified. In these cases, a best effort was made to identify a mission, and brackets were drawn around the acronym for the name of the mission written in the upper left corner of the folder.

The functional description of records in AG-068 is based on the “Peacekeeping and Political Operations Retention Schedule,” DPKO/DFS, v. 3, June 2011. The names of the series comprising AG-068 were drawn from the records series listed in the retention schedule. During archival processing, the files were assigned to series based on their function. Mission-specific Offices of Origin are indicated at the box level and are derived from the mission’s organizational structure. Accessions originating from the offices of the Heads of Mission were not broken up and were assigned to S-1872.

The Haiti missions in AG-068 produced records in the following languages: French (75%), English (15%), and Creole (10%). Folders containing records predominantly in English have been screened at the item level and the appropriate Security Level has been indicated in TRIM. When French or Creole language documents were observed in these folders, they were placed in subfolders for future item-level security screening. Folders containing records predominantly in French have not been screened. [No Security Level] is indicated for these folders in TRIM, and Not Yet Screened has been written on these folders.

The Winthrop Group, Inc., carried out archival processing on AG-068 from October 2012 to May 2013.

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-1880 Human rights - Investigation and verification
S-1879 Prisons and Corrections Services
S-1878 Human resources – Health, welfare – Medical team regional visits
S-1877 Public Information and Communications
S-1876 Judicial and Legal Systems
S-1875 Legal
S-1874 Human Rights
S-1873 Military
S-1872 Head of Mission
S-1870 Elections
S-1867 Law Enforcement

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AG-058 · Fonds · 1946 - 1967

Included are correspondence, cables, reports, and memoranda concerning the establishment of the mission; background on Jordan; complaints by Jordan; the radio war between radio stations in Amman, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and the United Arab Republic, 1958-1960; border and transit disputes with Syria; the assassination of Prime Minister Majali, 1960; and other incidents and disputes.

Of note are Spinelli's reports to United Nations headquarters; and memoranda, cables, photographs, and press releases concerning the mission's involvement with the Six Day War, 1967.

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-0652 Subject Files - Administrative, Political
S-0651 Cables

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AG-056 · Fonds · 1957 - 1959

The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, cables, lists of military observers, personnel lists, reports, summaries of events, photographs, clippings, press releases, statistics, and charts of the United Nations Observation Group in Lebanon (UNOGIL) Military Personnel Section, Military Evaluation and Information Unit, Air Operations Section, and Logistics Section.

Also included are registry files containing correspondence, reports, press releases, clippings, and miscellaneous other documents concerning personnel, finances, and other administrative matters of UNOGIL, including reports of Observation Groups and Military Observers, and official correspondence with the Lebanese government.

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-0666 Subject Files - Military
S-0665 Subject Files - Logistics
S-0664 Subject Files - Air Operations
S-0650 Subject Files

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AG-027 · Fonds · 1946 - 1999

The functional description of records in AG-027 is based on the "Taxonomy for Recordkeeping in Field Missions of UN Peacekeeping Operations," June 2006.

Fonds contains legal records, reports, case files, correspondence, field operation records but also records relating to UNAVEM III and UNAVEM II peacekeeping missions.

Fonds consists of the following Sub-fonds:
AG-027-003 Field Mission Support
AG-027-002 Field Mission Management
AG-027-001 Field Operations

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AG-021 · Fonds · 1914 - 2009

Fonds consists of the following Sub-fonds:
AG-021-010 Office for Special Political Questions, Regional Co-operation, Decolonization and Trusteeship (1991)
AG-021-009 Department for Special Political Questions, Regional Co-operation, Decolonization and Trusteeship (1987-1990)
AG-021-008 Office for Special Political Questions (1979-1986)
AG-021-007 Department of Political and General Assembly Affairs [and Secretariat Services] (1972-1992)
AG-021-006 Office of Political Affairs, Trusteeship, and Decolonization (1972-1986)
AG-021-005 Department of Trusteeship and Non-Self-Governing Territories (1965-1971)
AG-021-004 Department of Political and Security Council Affairs (1952-1991)
AG-021-003 Department of Trusteeship and Information from Non-Self-Governing Territories (1946-1954)
AG-021-002 Department of Security Council Affairs (1946-1951)

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AG-012 · Fonds · 1940 - 1947

Fonds consists of the records of the United Nations Conference on International Organization and are arranged in the follow series:

S-1020: Papers of the Secretary-General
S-1019: Charter Materials and Related Papers
S-1018: Commissions and Technical Committees - Working Papers
S-1006: Plenary - United Nations Committee on Jurists and General Committees - Working Papers
S-1005: Representative and Observer files
S-1004: Photographs
S-0981 Subject files
S-0596 San Francisco Conference

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AG-042 · Fonds · 1900 - 1961

"The records of the War Crimes Commission in the United Nations Archives consist of: minutes, documents and reports of the Commission and its Committees, the Research Office, the Far Eastern and Pacific Sub-Commission; further there are periodical lists of War Criminals, Suspects, Witnesses (including approximately 37,000 names) and related material of the main Commission and of the Far Eastern and Pacific Sub-Commission; documented is also some correspondence, mainly with various National Offices. The more voluminous part of the documentation of the War Crimes Commission are records submitted by Member Governments, other National Authorities and Military Tribunals: some 8,000 charge files and related material; periodical lists of about 37,000 War Criminals, Security Suspects and Witnesses; reports of National Military Tribunals; transcripts of proceedings and documents of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. Finding aids in the form of indexes are part of the above enumerated records. Fonds consists of the following Sub-fonds and Series: AG-042-003 Reference Material AG-042-002 Records submitted by Member Governments, other National Authorities and Military Tribunals AG-042-001 Records created by the Commission, the Committees, the Research Office and the Far Eastern and Pacific Sub-Commission S-1919 UNWCC - United Nations War Crime Commission Microfilm Tapes S-1804 Records of the War Crimes Commission / Series no longer in use, see notes S-0601 United Nations War Crimes Commission (UNWCC) records / (New Series "S-1848") / Please see notes."

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AG-028 · Fonds · 1945 - 1997

Fonds consists of records of Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, relating to his responsibilities as chief administrative officer of the Secretariat and as chief coordinator of the legislative, political, socio-economic, and military bodies of the United Nations. Fonds is arranged in the following record series.

S-1090 Secretary-General Personal
S-1089 Adminsitration and Finance
S-1088 Secretary-General's Activities
S-1087 Press Matters and Public Relations
S-1086 External Relations
S-1085 Issues
S-1084 Intergovernmental Programmes and Initiatives
S-1083 Inter-Agency relations
S-1082 Intra-Organisational Relations
S-1081 UN-wide Policy

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AG-020 · Fonds · 1904 - 2006

Files contain correspondence, memos, cables, reports, and many other types of documents.

These concern United Nations missions and commissions in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East; Secretariat matters; political matters; also conferences, councils, and miscellaneous matters. Subject files, 1960-1965, on the Congo Civilian Operations are included.

Fonds consist of the following Sub-fonds:
AG-020-005 Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs - Other Officials
AG-020-004 Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs - J. Rolz-Bennett (1960-1971)
AG-020-003 Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs - B. E. Urquhart (1958-1985)
AG-020-002 Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs - Ralph J. Bunche (1948-1972)
AG-020-001 Office of the Executive Assistant and the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (Cordier/Malania)

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AG-037 · Fonds · 1930 - 2011

Fonds consists of the following Series:
S-1167 Photographs
S-0537 Records (UNIO)
(a) New York Office Organization and Administration
(b) New York Office Accounting
(c) Reference and Information Service - UNIO and other agencies
(d) Reference and Information Service - British Ministry of Information
(e) Reference and Information Service - Postwar Reconstruction and Planning
(f) Reference and Information Service - Newspaper Reprints and Clippings
(g) UN Conference on International Organization in San Francisco, 1945
(h) Radio Broadcasts
(i) Music Sheets and Manuscripts

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