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Office of the Chief Operations Officer - Maps and Related Records

Series contains UNIKOM patrol maps, hand-drawn wall maps, and annotated United Nations maps of the Iraq-Kuwait border region. North Sector, South Sector, and Maritime Sector patrol maps (scale 1 : 100,000), are arranged chronologically and dated 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. Also included in the series are patrol map user's manuals, helicopter landing site directories and a small number of miscellaneous working papers.

Maps are chiefly laminated.

maps need to be re-housed/processed upon arrival of archival materials
Title based on series contents.

Security & Safety Section - Investigation Reports

Series contains investigation reports and related documents of the UNIKOM Security & Safety Section (SSS) for the year 2003 only. Reports are grouped by subject (stolen items, traffic accidents, miscellaneous), and by SSS case number therein. A general file, appearing at the beginning of the series, consists chiefly of miscellaneous correspondences regarding certain incidents.

Title based on series contents.

Office of the Chief Military Personnel Officer - Memorabilia

Series contains photographic prints and UNIKOM visitors' book. Photographs, some captioned, document UNIKOM military personnel's work and social life. Subjects include: speeches, Secretary General's visit to UNIKOM, foreign dignitaries' visits to UNIKOM, patrol and observation bases (POBs), farewell dinners and luncheons, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), plaque presentations, medal parades, hand over parades, memorial services, UN vehicles, sport, and contingent national holiday celebrations. Photographs are arranged by subject in no apparent chronological order. Visitors' book is signed from 14 April 1996 to 20 February 2003.

[in progress; all items need to be re-housed/processed upon arrival of archival materials]

Chief Operating Officer; The UNIKOM News; Operating Procedures

Series contains in-house publications, manuals, jpeg images, PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word documents, and a videocassette relating to UNIKOM activities and procedures. Publications include: The UNIKOM news (July 1992 - Dec. 2002), Airstrip & airfield diagrams ; Helicopter diagrams (1994), and UNIKOM weather (2001). Manuals consist of operations orders, standard operating procedures (SOPs), security instructions, and fire safety instructions.

Electronic records have been burned onto CD-Rs in box S-0956-0002. Presentations (PowerPoint files) also have been printed out and filed. The original storage media received by ARMS, with data intact, are in box S-0956-0003.

Includes 913 MB of graphic material (189 photographs, 52 presentations, 10 drawings, 1 chart), 6 MB of cartographic material, and 853.3 KB of textual records.

Office of the Assistant Secretary-General

Series consists of the records of the Office of the Assistant Secretary-General, including those of ASG David Owen (1946-1950), and his assistants. Also included are the records of the Regional Commissions Section (see S-0932 for the remaining records of this Section). Arranged in the order cited above.

Related records: Series S-0932 is part of the same series.

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General - Officer-in-Charge Sture Linner - cables

Series consists of cables which were originally with the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, but were created by Sture Linner in his initial capacity as Chief of the United Nations Civilian Operations, then as of 25 May 1961, as Officer-in-Charge ONUC. Arranged chronologically.

Office of the Assistant Secretary-General

Series is a continuation of S-0543, here the records created by the Regional Commissions Section within the Office of the Assistant Secretary-General. Included is the continuation from S-0543 of the European Unit (which includes country files and conference files), as well as the Far Eastern Unit (files relating to the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, ECAFE), and files relating to the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA). Arranged in the order cited above.

Related records: Series S-0543 is part of the same series.

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