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Series consists of correspondence, press coverage, pamphlets, publications, speech extracts, reports, testimonies, treaties, incident reports, photographs, and maps.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: partition; Zionism; Arab rights;displaced persons; crime issues; demographics; industry; natural resources of Palestine; new constitution for Palestine; political organizations; Treaty of Alliance (UK and Jordan); King-Crane Commission (UK); parliamentary debates (UK); and Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry.

Subject Files

Series consists of memoranda, reports, cables, publications, pamphlets, and incident reports.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: Jewish, Arab, and UK governments and organizations; Christian communities in Palestine; crime; social issues; industry; displaced persons; land transfer; and Arab and Axis powers alliance. Correspondents include Max Seligman; Judge Emil Sandtroem; Jamal Hussein; and Victor Chi-Tsai Hoo.

Subject Files

Series consists of correspondence, cables, code cables, reports, statements, declarations, memoranda, newsclippings, shorthand notes, press releases, and minutes of meetings.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administrative reports; field reports; information circulars; instructions and orders; interrogation procedures; recruitment of staff; leave of absence; liason and coordination; compensation for disability or death; use of emergency rations; use of air support; assistance to civilians; UN flag code and regulations; welfare and regulation; insurance coverage; evacuation of military observers; infiltration reports; supply of arms and ammunition to Lebanes from Syrian Territory; and infiltration of arms and men from Syrian Territory into Lebanon.

Correspondents include Major-General Odd Bull, Chief of UN Group of Observers; David Blikenstaff, Principal Secretary, UN Observer Group in Lebanon; Ralph Bunch, Under Secretary for Special Politcal Affairs; S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer, UNOGIL; George Lasky, Chief of Field Operations Service; and Justin Mac Carthy, Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Chief Military Observer.

Subject Files - Military

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, incoming and outgoing cables, minutes from meetings, press clippings, press releases, lists, photographs, maps, patrol reports, operation logs, log sheets, meeting agendas, and statistics.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administrative orders; board of inquiry; claims; disciplinary matters; extension of service; lists of military observers; special orders; air operations observation reports; situation reports; identification booklets for small arms, ammunitions, explosives, and mines; infiltration reports; interrogation; American landings and aircraft activities; operation orders; and establishment of substations in Saida, Beirut, and Marjayoun.

Correspondents include Colonel Justin MacCarthy, Deputy Chief of Staff; Major General Odd Bull, Chief of Staff; Major B.I. Loyola, Chief Personnel Officer; S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer; C.T. Haneveld, Medical Officer; Major L. Boldt, Deputy Chief Evaluation Officer; Major P. Holt; Major Boris Falk; Major J.F. Pendergast, Ground Operations Staff Officer.

Subject Files - Jarring/Berendsen

Series consists of correspondence, cables, memoranda, handwritten documents, draft working papers, working papers, draft notes, reports, discussion papers, study papers, statements, meeting notes, journal articles, press releases, bulletins, press clippings, maps, and business cards.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: staffing of UNMEM; Ambassador Jarring's personal and official travel; diplomatic immunity; Military Working Group on Israeli-Syrian Disengagement; Algerian and Palestinian detainees in Israel; Arab refugees; development fund in Gaza area; plan for Old City-Jerusalem; aircraft hijacking incidents; freedom of passage through Straits of Tiran and Gulf of Aqaba; Israeli withdrawal and occupation by U.N. forces of Sharen-el-Sheikh area; legal and economic effects of Suez Canal closure; Israel's armistice agreement with Arab states; and recommendation by the World Council of Churches.

Correspondents include U.Thant, U.N. Secretary-General; Ralph Bunche, U.N. Under Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs; Ambassador Gunnar Jarring, Special Representative of Secretary-General for the Middle East; Ian E. Berendsen, Principal Political Advisor, UNMEM; Jose Rolz-Bennett, Under Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs; Constantin A. Stavropoulos, Legal Counsel; Joseph E Johnson, President Emeritus, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace/Convener of the Commission on the Middle East; Professor Roger Fisher, Harvard Law School; Eugene C. Blake, General-Secretary, World Council of Churches.

Subject Files

United Nations India Pakistan Observation Mission (UNIPOM)

Series consists of correspondence, cables, code cables, telegrams, memoranda, handwritten documents, agreements, summaries, instructions, briefings, meeting minutes, daily incident reports, situation reports, press releases, property leases, construction bids, construction quotes, blueprints, drawings, diagrams, maps, map overlays, lists, logs, routing slips, and vouchers. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administration; personnel; accomodations; finance; security; construction equipment and supplies; maintenance of communications equipment and vehicles; aircraft; medical facilities; UNIPOM and UN Headquarters property survey boards; cease-fire agreements and observance; incidents; complaints; investigations of incidents and complaints; P.O.W.'s; Indian and Pakistan forces; UN Military Observers; UN Good Offices in India; UN Good Offices in Pakistan; services rendered by Pakistan Army;withdrawal of Indian and Pakistan forces; and UN withdrawal team. Correspondents include Lieut. Colonel J.A. Hilliard, Chief of Staff, UNIPOM; Major-General B.F. MacDonald, Chief Officer, UNIPOM; E.G. Moore, Chief Administrative Officer, UNIPOM; George H. Marshall, Chief Administrative Officer, UNIPOM; and General J.N. Chaudhari, Chief of Army Staff, Indian Army.

Department of Cultural Affairs

Department of Cultural Affairs of the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority in West New Guinea (West Irian) (UNTEA)

Series consists of correspondence, cables, memoranda, handwritten notes, and press releases. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: Advisory Council on Education; Ethnographic Objects housed in Museum; level of education taught in schools, incidents in schools, and letter of transfer. Correspondents include Mo Myit, Divisional Commissioner.

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