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Administrative Files
S-0534 · Series · 1948 - 1987
Part of Field Service and Successor Bodies (1948-1982)

Series included the following sub-series - (0) Field Service; (1) Field Operations Service; (2) Field Operations Division; (3) Office for field Operational Extenal Support Activities

Due to the EAD Project, the series has been split into different series (S-1673 to S-1684) (RD 18/08/09).

Administrative Files
S-0897 · Series · 1966 - 1982
Part of Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim (1972-1981)

Series documents the administrative aspects of the Secretary-General's responsibilities. The administrative filing system was arranged into the following broad functional areas: organization, general administration (SG's annual reports, departments, UNOG, meetings, public relations, etc.), buildings, finance and budget, and personnel (staff associations, Soviet and Chinese staff case files, top echelon posts, etc.). Correspondents are primarily senior staff and some member state representatives. Arranged in functional categories; please note that the last boxes of the series had been separated from the filing system so appear out of sequence.
Variations in title: Previously called "Administrative matters"
Source of title: Title based on function (and taken from previous finding aid).

S-0661 · Series · 1945 - 1955
Part of United Nations Commissioner in Libya (1949-1952)

Tribunal in Libya

Series consists of correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, credentials, memoranda, and incoming and outgoing cables. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: arrivals and departures of visitors to the Tribunal in Libya; annual leave; requests for books from the Tribunal's library; periodic reports on staff; rules and procedures - Tribunal; priveleges and immunites for members - Tribunal; rules and regulations concerning enemy property; requests for hearings before the Tribunal; and disposal of Italian property in Libya. Correspondents include V.A. DeAngelis, Administrative Officer; S. Dharman, Administrative Officer; Hugo Wickstrom, President - Tribunal in Libya; Adib Bey Maakad, Register - Tribunal; Thomas F. Power Jr., Principal Secretary; Constantin Stavropoulos, Legal Counsel; Trygve Lie, Secretary-General, UN Headquarters.

The United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans (UNSCOB) was established in November, 1947 to perform good offices, and to help settle disputes. It lasted until December 1951.

Records relate primarily to personnel matters, and include staff lists, letters of appointment for general staff, drivers, and interpreters; as well as correspondence concerning general matters. Also included are memoranda concerning the responsibilities of UNSCOB.

Series consists of correspondence, reports, and brochures. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: letters of appointment for local staff; letters of appointment for UN staff; pay scales; requests for leave; and indemnity pay. Correspondents include John Townend, Administrative Officer, UNSCOB, Salonika; M.F. Payne, Administrative Officer, UNSCOB, Athens; L. Nicolaou, Greek Liason Service Secretary; Mary McKenna, Administrative Officer, UNSCOB; and Byron Price, Assistant to the Secretary-General, Department of Administrative and Financial Services.

United Nations Commission for Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea; Office of the Principal Secretary

Series consists of correspondence, telegrams, summary records, tables of content, annexes, resolutions, incoming and outgoing administrative reports, personnel directives, text extracts, news clippings, press releases, and transcripts of television interviews. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: policy matters; SECCO affairs; UNCURK mandate; UN agencies; the constitution of the Republic of Korea; logistical support; incidents; and politcal prisoners. Correspondents include U Thant, UN Secretary-General; Dag Hammerskjold, UN Secretary-General; Chote Klongvicha, Chairman, UNCURK; Andrew Cordier, Executive Assistant to Secretary General; Ali Nekunam, Principal Secretary, UNCURK; Ismail R. Khalidi, Principal Secretary, UNCURK; David Hall, Principal Secretary, UNCURK; and C.V. Narashimhan, Cabinet Chief of the UN.

S-0605 · Series · 1938 - 1948
Part of United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) (1947)

Office of the Special Assistant to the Personal Representative of the Secretary-General

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, incoming and outgoing cables, itineraries, reports, agendas for meetings, maps of Palestine, notes from informal meetings, and written testimonies. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: outline of a confederation scheme; draft of rules of procedure for hearings, testimonies, and expert advice; Arab and Jewish claims and formal disagreements; drafts of project to create a federal state; code list; proposals, correspondence and written testimonies from many Jewish and Arab organizations including the Arab Bank, Mr. David Ben-Gurion of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Palestine, Hadassah: The Women's Zionist Organization of America, and League for Jewish-Arab Rapprochement and Cooperation. Correspondents include Secretary-General Dr. Ralph Bunche; Mr. Emil Sandstrop, Chairman, UNSCOP;and Peter Anker, UN Mission Somoa.

United Nations Commission for Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea (UNCURK)

Series consists of correspondence, cables, handwritten documents, administrative reports, area reports, field service reports, forms, draft press releases, draft addresses and speeches, draft resolutions, annexes, agendas, minutes of meetings, administrative instructions, personnel directives, authorization letters, periodicals, news clippings, bills of sale, vouchers, inventories, itineraries, lists, indexes, registers, logs, aides memoires, protocol files, blueprints, drawings, and photographs. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: UNCURK commissions and committees; field trips; radio equipment; personnel; administrative procedures; logistical support; postal procedures; ration controls; financial budgets; income tax; travel arrangements; health insurance; property survey board; Status of Forces Amendment (SOFA); Convention on Privileges and Immunity of the UN; Presidential Election of 1971; National Assembly Election of 1971; National Conference for Unification Elections in 1972; and UN Peace Medal. Correspondents include Kurt Waldheim, UN Secretary-General; Ali Nekunam, Principal Secretary, UNCURK; Zouheir Kuzbari, Principal Secretary, UNCURK; Bulend Kestelli, Chairman, Committee of UNCURK; George A. Humphries, Chief Administrative Officer, UNCURK; James Whyte, Chief Administrative Officer, UNCURK; and William L. Magistretti, Acting Director, UN Information Centre, Tokyo.

S-0725 · Series · 1950 - 1956
Part of Field Service and Successor Bodies (1948-1982)

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, incoming and outgoing cables, telegrams, invoices, itineraries, programs, applications for employment, invitations, handwritten notes, lists, and reports.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following - movements of personal effects; use of UN cars; travel plans; exchange rate information; finances; immunity of UN observers; legal matters; personnel; UN Plebiscite Commission in Trans-Volta Togoland; departure of UN staff; itineraries for various trips; UN radio in Togoland; and UN film unit.

Correspondents include George Lansky, Chief, Field Operations Services; G.D. Howard, Political Affairs Officer, UNPCT; H.A. Wieschhoff, Principal Secretary; Victor Mills, Administrative Officer; William McCaw, Deputy Controller; J.J. Cebe-Harbersky, UN Observers; C. Jakhelln; and R. de Roussey de Sales, Information Officer.

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, clear cables, periodic progress reports, some commission and committee minutes, and speeches and surveys relating to the general administration of the Secretariat. Subjects relate to facilities management and headquarters, personnel matters, departmental and organizational restructuring including organization charts - 1947-1948, 1948 budget issues, advisory committee recommendations, flag protocol, meeting agendas, communication policies including the establishment of a radio network in India, speeches by delegates in connection with their United Nations work, and the development of the United Nations International School. Correspondents include Secretaries-General Trygve Lie and Dag Hammarskjold; Leo Malania, Assistant to the Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General; D.B. Vaughan, Assistant Secretary-General and Director of General Services; C.V. Narasimhan, Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs; Ralph Bunche, Under-Secretary-General - without a department; Brian Urquhart, Senior Officer to Ralph Bunche; and A. Sobolev, Assistant Secretary-General for Department of Security Council Affairs.

Accession numbers: A/399, 63/431, A/211, 62/1107, A/212, 62/1109, 62/1106, A/498, A/391, 62/1120, A/384, 62/1104, A/656