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Secretary-General U Thant (1961-1971) Series
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Press Releases

Series relates to matters addressed by U Thant in various press release formats including: notes from correspondents, text from SG, and announcements from SG. Issues such as peacekeeping forces in Cyprus, UNFICYP, assistance to Costa Rica, statement on situation in Vietnam, Twentieth Anniversary of UN, congratulations to US astronauts, disarmament conference in Geneva, WNAR landing by LUNA 9, Scientific Committee on effects of Atomic Radiation, signing of outer space treaty, refugees/aid to Middle East, and disarmament are covered. Records consist of clippings, draft press releases, and press statements used to create press releases. Correspondents include U Thant, Secretary-General; C.V. Narasimhan, Associate Managing Director of the Special Fund; Manuel Prado, President of Peru; and Adlai Stevenson, Permanent Representative of teh US to th UN. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961-1971. Series arrangement: alphanumeric.

Press clippings

Series consists of newspaper clippings, business cards, cables, cartoons, aide-memoires, transcripts of press conferences, memoranda, press releases, letters, handwritten notes, issues of periodicals, news summaries, press statements, translations, reports, Security Council documents, guest lists, and Security Council draft resolutions. Subjects include but are not limited to the following U Thant's appointment as Secretary-General U Thant's successor criticisms of U Thant relationship between the United States and the United Nations political situation in the Congo satellite television Watergate aid to East Pakistani refugees political situation in Israel and the Middle East political situation in Vietnam relations between India and Pakistan China and its potential representation in the United Nations United Nations Yemen Observation Mission political situation in Cambodia political situation in Laos political situation in Burma North Korean seizure of United States Navy ship Pueblo issues of space exploration United Nations reform civil war in Nigeria political situation in Rhodesia hijacking U Thant's travels and visits to countries disarmament U Thant's speeches and activities the 1967 Six Day War between Israel and Jordan, Syria, and Egypt and the 1973 Yom Kippur War between Israel and Egypt and Syria. Correspondents include U Thant, Secretary-General C.V. Narasimhan, Under Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Chef de Cabinet Ramses Nassif, Senior Information Officer Norman Ho, Chief, Overseas Briefing Unit, External Relations Division, Office of Public Information Purnendu Basu, Asian, African and Middle Eastern Regional Officer, External Relations Division, Office of Public Information Rene de Branche William C. Powell and George Ivan Smith, Director, United Nations Information Centre, London. Files are arranged by subject and are alphabetical by country or chronological thereunder. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971.
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Private Records - 1961-1971

Series consists of code cables, cables, forms, handwritten notes, photographs, translations, letters, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings, reports, speeches, drafts, invitations and resumes. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: the death of U Thant's son - condolences; heath issues, especially reoccurring ulcer - 'get well' wishes and concern; personal finances - housing, transportation, salary and accounts; birth of grandchildren; personal information on U Thant's family; birthday congratulations; Chinese representation in the UN; the situation in Vietnam; and daily reports from regional. Correspondents include U Thant, Secretary-General; C.V. Narasimhan, Chef de Cabinet; Jose Rolz-Bennett, Under Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs; C.A. Stavropoulos, Legal Counsel; Charles W. Yost, Permanent Representative, US; Y.A. Malik, Permanent Representative, USSR; Adlai E. Stevenson, Permanent Representative, US; Lord Caradon, Permanent Representative, UK; Dean Rusk, Secretary of State, US. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971.

Private Records - 1971-1974 - Post Retirement

Series consists of cables, handwritten notes, interview transcriptions, reel-to-reel tapes, minutes of conferences, photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, reports, speeches, drafts, memoranda, press releases and resumes. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: the culmination of U Thant's career as Secretary-General; the Cuban missile crisis; apartheid; the situation in Vietnam; the Six Day War; world population; peace-keeping; disarmament; U Thant's medical condition and treatment; U Thant's death and condolences; post-retirement correspondence with the UN, various organizations, associations, colleges and universities; Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Scholarship; papers of Adlai E. Stevenson and the Adlai E. Stevenson Institute; memoirs; tributes to U Thant by the General Assembly. Correspondents include U Thant, Secretary-General; George H.W. Bush, Permanent Representative from the US; Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General; Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Glenn A. Olds, President, Kent State University; Lord Caradon, Permanent Representative from the UK; John D. Rockefeller, 3rd; Nelson A. Rockefeller, Governor, State of New York; Charles W. Yost, Permanent Representative from the US; John V. Lindsay, Mayor, City of New York; Indar Jit Rikhye, President, International Peace Academy. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971. Series arrangement: alphabetical.

Private Records - Season's Greetings Cards

Series consists of greeting cards, photographs, receipts, newspaper clippings, letters, postcards, business cards, brochures and invitations. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: holiday greeting cards from permanent representatives, heads of state, members of governments, organizations, government officials, personal friends and the general public; U Thant's birthday, retirement and health; the UN Annual Ball; Robert F. Kennedy's requiem mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral; and the Vietnam conflict. Correspondents include John Lindsay, Mayor, City of New York; Richard M. Nixon, President, USA; Anwar El Sadat, President, United Arab Republic; the Dalai Lama; Ted Kennedy, US Senator; Golda Meir, Prime Minister, Israel; Nelson A. Rockefeller, Governor, State of New York; John D. Rockefeller, 3rd; Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971. Series arrangement: chronological.

Public Relations

Series documents the ceremonial public events of particular importance to the United Nations which the Secretary-General attended. These include receptions, special days, visits of dignitaries, the United Nations 25th Anniversary celebrations, and the like. Records include correspondence, handwritten notes, speeches, photographs, news clippings, code cables, invitations, menus, etc.

Secretariat - Administration and Organization

Series consists of records relating to the position of the Secretary-General, and to a variety of administrative matters such reporting and budgeting, oversight of departments and units, reorganization of the Secretariat, staff matters, building matters, and related. Arranged in two broad categories, the Secretary-General position, then all others, and within these alphabetically by file title.

Security Council and Other Organs

Series consists of the Secretary-General's correspondence and other supporting records concerning the Security Council, the Trusteeship Council, the Economic and Social Council, and the International Court of Justice. The few files are arranged in the preceding order.

Sound Recordings

Series consists of audio recorded speeches and statements given by U Thant at United Nations meetings and while visiting countries universities ceremonies and other official functions (and by other speakers as noted). Also included are recordings produced by broadcasters and private individuals. Extent is 93 audio reels (ca. 112 hr.). Most are 7 reels recorded at 3-3-4 ips (inches per second). Copyright restrictions may apply please consult the archivist. Arranged chronologically.

Specialized Agencies

Series contains correspondence (with heads of the organizations), reports, speeches, press releases, etc., relating to the Secretary-General's involvement with the specialized agencies of the United Nations. Arranged alphabetically by name.

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