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Field Service and Successor Bodies (1948-1982) Series
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Subject Files of the United Nations Visiting Mission to Trust Territories in East Africa

The former colony of Somaliland is now known as Somalia. Tanganyika is now known as Tanzania.

Series consists of correspondence, memorandas, maps, itineraries, minutes of meetings, handwritten documents, questionnaires, and interviews.

Included are itineraries, correspondence, minutes, memoranda, reports, and maps. Much of it concerns preparations and arrangements for the Visiting Mission's trip to Somaliland and Tanganyika which took place between July and December, 1954.
Also included is the verbatim text of an interview given by the mission to Les Presidents de Batusi de Ruhahe on July 26, 1954 at Usumbura; and many petitions, in the form of correspondence, from Tanganyika, largely concerned with problems of employment and complaints against the Administering Authority of Tanganyika.
Many individuals, and such labour groups as the African Cooks Trade Union, Tanganyika (also called the Trade Union of African Cooks), are represented among these.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following - visits to Ruanda-Urundi, Tanganyika, and Somaliland; receptions; petitions; questionnaire concerning United Nations information materials for use in trust territories; interview of President of Batusi de Ruhame; and requests for help to provide aid to tuberculosis hospital.

Correspondents include John S. Reid, Chairman, UN Visiting Mission to Trust Territories in East Africa; Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General; William McCaw, Senior Director, TAB; Carey Seward, Chief, FOS; and Bozidar Aleksander, Principal Secretary, UN Visiting Mission to Trust Territories in East Africa.

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