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Sub-fonds consists of the following series:

S-0523 and S-1423 to S-1426 Executive (1944-1948)
S-1427 Operational Analysis (1944-1948)
S-1428 Administrative Services (1944-1948)
S-1429 and S-1430 Personnel and Finance (1944-1948)
S-1431 to S-1434 Accounts and Budget (1944-1948)
S-1435 to S-1447 Supply (1944-1948)
S-1448 to S-1454 Relief Services (1944-1948)
S-1455 Files Found in Boxes Marked Confidential but were not Listed in UNRRA (1944-1948)

Austria Mission

Sub-series consists of the following series:
S-1492 to S-1498 Chief of Mission (1945-1948)
S-1499 and S-1500 Department of Supply and Transport (1945-1948)
S-1501 to S-1504 British Zone Headquarters (1945-1948)
S-1505 British Zone Field Offices (1945-1948)
S-1506 French Zone Headquarters (1945-1948)
S-1507 French Zone Field Offices (1945-1948)
S-1508 and S-1509 United States Zone Headquarters Salzburg (1945-1948)
S-1510 United States Zone Field Offices (1945-1948)

Bureau of Services

Fonds consists of the following sub-groups:

S-1248 to S-1251 Executive Office (1943-1948)
S-1252 to S-1258 Division of Repatriation and Welfare (1943-1948)
S-1259 to S-1262 Displaced Persons Division (1943-1948)
S-1263 and S-1264 Camps Division and the Bureau of Areas (1943-1948)
S-1265 to S-1270 Office of Voluntary and International Agency Liaison OVIAL (1943-1948)
S-1271 to S-1275 Health Services (1943-1948)

Poland Mission

Sub-Fonds consists of the following Series:

S-1403: Department of Supply - Accounting Division - Correspondence and Reports
S-1402: Department of Supply Industrial Rehabilitation Division - Correspondence and Reports
S-1401: Department of Supply Food and Agricultural Rehabilitation Division - Correspondence and Reports
S-1400: Department of Supply - Distribution Division - Correspondence and Reports
S-1399: Department of Supply - Office of the Chief of Department - Correspondence
S-1398: Department of Transportation - Reports, Correspondence and Cables
S-1397: Department of Finance and Administration - Accounts and Audit Division - Correspondence, Statements Accounts, Ledgers
S-1396: Department of Finance and Administration - Personnel Division - Correspondence, Budget, Job Descriptions
S-1395: Department of Finance and Administration - Orders and Instructions - European Regional Office (ERO) Administration
S-1394: Office of the Chief of Mission Welfare and Repatriation Division - Correspondence and Reports
S-1393: Office of the Chief of Mission - Health Division SYMBOL - Correspondence
S-1392: Operational Analysis Division - Office of the Chief of Mission Correspondence and Reports
S-1391: Office of the Chief of Mission
S-1390: Central Registry - Subject Files

Offices in France

The records described in the attached list are only a small proportion of the voluminous files that were accumulated in the several Paris offices. Many of them - those dealing with routine matters and the details of transactions, such as travel arrangements, messing lists, shipping receipts, and local personnel records - have been destroyed, either by UNRRA or subsequently by the United Nations. Operating files and some administrative materials pertaining to relief services and displaced persons work were turned over to PCIRO and are presumably now to be found among the IRQ records in the Archives Nationales, Paris. Other displaced persons files, which had been in Paris only briefly while the DP Central Headquarters was there, are now among the records of the Germany Mission.