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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) (1943-1946) Series
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Executive Office - Secretariat - Translation Units

The Secretariat consisted of a small staff, headed by a Deputy Director-General, whose principal function was to service the UNRRA Council and its committees. It was responsible for arranging and preparing for Council sessions and committee meetings; for providing technical and secretarial services, including drafting, reproduction, translation, and distribution of documents; and for maintaining official membership lists and records and documents of the Council and the committees.
The Secretariat was also intended originally to serve as a general intelligence, liaison and reporting staff for the Director-General, but most of these functions, except for the compilation of the Director-General's reports to the Central Committee, were taken over by other offices of UNRRA.
The Secretariat was abolished effective 15 October 1947 (HQ Adm. Order 103, Supp. 12), its remaining functions being transferred to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer and (documents work) to the Records Section of the Bureau of Administration.

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