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Cables - Dr. Ralph Bunche

United Nations Mediator and Acting Mediator for Palestine: Dr. Ralph Bunche's Files

Series consists of incoming and outgoing cables - Rhodes and Headquarters (New York), Paris, Lake Success, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Damascus, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administration of the Palestine mission. Correspondents include Dr. Ralph Bunche, Mediator/Acting Mediator for Palestine and Count Folke Bernadotte, Acting Mediator for Palestine.

Subject Files - Dr. Ralph Bunche

United Nations Mediator and Acting Mediator for Palestine - Dr. Ralph Bunche

Series consists of correspondence, cables, memoranda, draft suggestions and resolutions, official statements and agreements, press releases, transcripts of broadcasts, newspapers, summary records of meetings, progress reports, industrial and annual reports, incident and investigative reports, medical reports, questionnaires, journals, contracts, lists and rosters, memorials and tributes, personal papers, publications, photographs, charts, diagrams, maps, instructional booklets, and code book. Subjects include but are not limited to the following - administration; troop movements; Truce Commission; Mixed Armistice Commission; Armistice Resolution; demilitarization of Jerusalem; refugee conditions; plane crashes; assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte; truce enforcement and violations; peace negotiations; British-owned oil refineries; displaced persons; passenger lists; mail contracts and terminations; funeral arrangements; letters of condolence; Negev Demarcation; Mt. Scopus Agreement; POWs; operation of Hagelin Cryptographic Ciphering Machines; and Palestine Citrus Board. Correspondents include Ralph Bunche, UN Mediator/Acting Mediator for Palestine; Count Folke Bernadotte, UN Acting Mediator for Palestine; Doreen Daughton, Secretary to Dr. Bunche; WIlliam E. Riley, Brigadier General, USMC/Chief of Staff, Truce Supervision Organization; and John Reedman, Principal Secretary of United Nations Economic Survey for the Middle East.

United Nations Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea (UNCURK) - Summaries of Developments

Series early records are those of Andrew Cordier, Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General, and later records those of Ralph Bunche, Under-Secretary-General for the Special Political Affairs. Records types include weekly, fortnightly, and monthly "summaries of developments" (mimeographed) prepared by UNCURK's principal secretary, and relating to all aspects of the situation in Korea, including international and military matters, national matters, and matters of economic development. Arranged chronologically.

Political Liaison Committee in Cyprus - Minutes

UN. Deputy Chef de Cabinet (1962-1964 : Rolz-Bennett) - UN. Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1965-1970 : Rolz-Bennett).
Series consists of Jose Rolz-Bennett's reference set of minutes of meetings no. 252-607 (inclusive) of the Political Liaison Committee in Cyprus (copies). Meetings were divided into military affairs: topics including fortifications and military incidents; and civilian affairs: topics including freedom of movement, water supplies, agriculture, and property. Meetings were held in Nicosia. Present were UN Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) top echelon (including Colonel W. W. Turner, Deputy Chief of Staff; and G.L. Sherry, Senior Political Advisor) and a Political Liaison Officer from either the Cyprus government (Chr. Kythreutis) or the Turkish Cypriots (A.M. Berberoglu or Umit Suleiman).
Accession Numbers: A/585

United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) - Clear Cables

UN. Under Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1956-1992)

Series consists of clear cables from the UN Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) which was staffed by UN Military Observers (UNMO's) and responsible for maintaining peace between Israel and Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan. Subjects include administration, staff changes, requests for instructions, updates on the local situation, incident reports, updates on the 1973 Middle East war, and situation reports. Subjects also include the UNCC. Correspondents include Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, Under-Secretaries-General for Special Political Affairs Roberto Guyer and Brian Urquhart, and UNTSO Chief of Staff Ensio Siilasvuo.

Accession numbers unknown

keyword: MIddle East

United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) - Clear Cables

UN. Under Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1956-1992)

Series consists of clear cables and weekly reports. Subjects include administration of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), which was created to supervise the 1974 cease-fire agreement between Israel and Syria and staffed by UN Military Observers (UNMO's). Correspondents include Under-Secretaries-General for Special Political Affairs Roberto Guyer and Brian Urquhart, and UNDOF Chiefs of Staff Bengt Lilljestrand and Dewan Prem Chand. Arranged chronologically.

Indian Sub-Continent - Subject Files

Under-Secretary General for UNROD/UNROB (1972-1974:Jackson)

Series consists of personal workfiles of Sir Robert Jackson, reports by various UN and diplomatic officials, notes, minutes of meetings, plans and requirements for assistance and aid to Bangladesh and Pakistan, progress reports, press releases, newspaper clippings, photographs, invoices, letters, clear and code cables. Documented are flood relief and reconstruction in Pakistan, repatriation and resettlement of refugees in Pakistan and Bangladesh, development of agriculture and transportation, food shipments, and Chalna Port Shipwreck clearance. Documents created prior to 1972 relate to prior activities in the area and were accumulated as background information. Records created after 1974 contain correspondence related to residual funds from UNROB, staff and policy issues, reports on the continuation of food shipments. Correspondents include Senior Industrial Development Officer Nicky Berendjick, Chef-de Cabinet Chakravarthi Narasimhan, and Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim.

Political Commissions and Related Records

Series created by Executive Assistant Andrew Cordier, and later by Ralph Bunche, Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs. Records types are letters, memoranda, clear cables, numbered code cables, mission administrative reports, press releases, press clippings, and United Nations documents relating to the administration of various missions. Missions documented include - UN Commission on the Racial Situation in the Union of South Africa (UNCORS), UN Commission to Investigate Conditions for Free Elections in Germany, and the mission of the Personal Representative of the Secretary-General in Laos. Also included is an observation report on the Togoland Plebiscite by Shiv K. Shastri (copy), one administration clear cable relating to the Cameroons Plebiscite and four administrative clear cables relating to the Accra Plebiscite. Correspondence includes Andrew Cordier, Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold, the Principal Secretaries of these missions (inluding J.A. Romanos for UNCORS, and Carl Jakhelin for Laos). Arranged alphabetically.

United Nations Observers for Verification of Elections in Haiti (ONUVEH) - Subject Files

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1986-1992: Goulding)

Series consists of correspondence, numbered code cables (incoming and outgoing), reports, memoranda, press releases, and United Nations documents regarding the United Nations Observers for Verification of Elections in Haiti (ONUVEH) mission to monitor the electoral process in Haiti. Subjects include selection and security of election observers, election procedures and voter turnout; the social, political and military situation in Haiti, and the attempted coup d'etat of 7January 1991; and administrative matters. Correspondents include Personal Representative of the Secretary-General for Haiti Joao Augusto de Medicis and ONUVEH Chief Electoral Officer Horacio Boneo.

Accession numbers: 92/149, box 1

Actual series size: 3 boxes


United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) - Cables

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (OUSGSPA) (1970-1978: Guyer; 1974-1985: Urquhart; 1979-1981: Perez de Cuellar; 1981-1988: Cordovez; 1986-1992: Goulding)

Series consists of numbered and unnumbered code cables, clear cables and situation reports documenting the progress of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). Clear and code cables include reports of air violations, attacks on UN vehicles, rotations of battalions, and incident reports; expenditure information and personnel related correspondence (including repatriation, medical and disciplinary actions); humanitarian relief work; and observer difficulties and border violations. Situation reports include general assessments of situation, restriction of movement and ground/logistical activity. Subjects include interaction with PLO officials Abu Walid, Hani El-Hassan and Abu Ahmed and the escalation of the situation in Beirut. Correspondents include UNTSO Chief of Staff Brig.-Gen. E. A. Erskine; UNMEM Chief Coordinator Lieut.-Gen. E. Siilasvuo; Field Officers H. E. F. Nielsen and J. O'Callaghan; and Chairman Ilmac (Beirut).

Accession number: 1989/027

Actual series size: 36 boxes


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