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Paper manufacture, Anyang
S-0526-0344-0010-00001 · Item · 1956-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

To assist in meeting the increasing demands for newsprint, bank-notes, textbooks and utility paper, the UNKRA allocated $400,000 for the importation of American machine equipment, parts, supplies and construction materials, to be used in South Korea's paper industry. One of the principal receivers of this equipment and materials, the Samduk Paper Manufacturing Company at Anyang, in Kyonggi Province, has been rehabilitated to pre-war monthly production rate of 100 tons of finished products. This photograph shows part of the processing machinery at the Samduk plant. Scrap paper is gathered and sorted for quality, then reduced to pulp in huge machines provided by UNKRA. Six tons of scrap produce five tons of finished paper. Kyonggi province, 1954. [Photograph 1266]

S-0526-0344-0025-00002 · Item · 1956-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

In February 1953, a group of UNKRA and voluntary agency officials formally opened a little community of 25 duplex houses on a hillside overlooking Pusan. To widows of Christian clergyman it was the beginning of a new life and a chance to support themselves and their children. The Misil Whoi (sewing guild) received sewing machines from Church World Service, and $10,000 toward construction of the Mother and Child House Settlement from UNKRA. This photograph shows a Korean widow working on a hand-operated spinning wheel. [Photograph 1474]