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United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964) Series
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Kitona Branch Office - Chronological Reference

Series consists of correspondence, lists, memoranda, translations, and reports. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: transport of UN personnel; accidents; power supplies for Kitona base; recruitment of local civilians; gasoline supplies; seizure of vehicles by ANC; improvement of laundry complex; road maintenance; personnel attendence and leave information; visits to Kitona base by dignitaries; thefts of personal materials and stolen vehicles; security procedures for UN personnel; and water supply and maintenance. Correspondents include R. Polgar, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer; W. Schmid, Acting Base Administrator, Kitona; William E. Rose, Administrative Assistant, ONUC; Amal Nachaat, Administrative Officer; Mr. Leckie, Chief Finance Officer, ONUC, Leopoldville; Col. Solihim, Base Commander, Kitona; Mr. Patti, Finance Officer; Mr. Abbas, Acting Special Representative of the Secretary General; G. Mollet, Base Administrator, Kitona; C. Brackenbury, Chief, Field Administration Unit; S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer; and C. Blom, Base Administrator, Kitona. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Stanleyville Branch Office - Cables

Series consists of incoming and outgoing cables, telegrams, handwritten cables, lists of telegrams, memoranda, business cards, correspondence, passenger manifests, and situation reports. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: flooding of Congolese River; food transport and requests; burning of villages; UN personnel; visits by UN personnel; transport and storage of medicine; civil servants strike; rabies outbreak; repatriated refugees; finances; attacks on planters on plantations; agriculture project; attacks on UN staff; Red Cross; USSR states that it will not contribute funds to UN peace keeping operation in the Congo; air operations; beatings and arrests of three WHO doctors; and meteorological stations. Correspondents include R. Gardiner; S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer; S. Linner; Ben Twigt; A.C. Gilpin; Mr. Gauvreau, Chief, Personnel Office; Nancy Gray; S. Tselentis, Administrative Officer, ONUC; Thomas de Candia, Chief Finance Officer, Leopoldville; M.V. Beraud, Administrative Officer; E. Pokorny, Finance Officer; F.J. Tickner; John B. Saccheri, Engineer, Public Works Program, Stanleyville; W. Micuta; E. Esteban, Officer-in-Charge, ICAO, Stanleyville; and K.H. Englund, Chief Civilian Affairs Officer, Stanleyville. Arranged in general topical sequence, and therein chronologically.

Elizabethville Branch Office - Non-Registry

Series consists of several loosely defined sub-series: correspondence, Joint Enquiry Commission on Mercenaries official UN documents, Mercenaries and Political Advisors case files, subject files of various officials (Special Assistant to Chief UN Representative, Civilian Affairs Officer, etc.), and others. Records include correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, code cables, memoranda, telegrams, reports, minutes of meetings, interview transcriptions, photographs, maps, diagrams, instructions, estimates, personal items, budgets, press clippings, press releases, and lists. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: US food aid; evacuation plan for Katanga; protests against alleged violations by UN of cease fire agreement; arrivals and departures in Katanga; food shortages; National Reconciliation Plan; UN posistion in the event of ANC entry into Katanga; military and civilian relations; reopening of trade between Katanga, Kasai, and Kivu; military operations; cease fire agreement; reactivation of CFL Railway; damage to railway installation; looting of Tunisian Camp; misuse of water supplies by ONUC personnel; Belgian mercenaries travelling disguised as priests; mercenary case files; refugees; British Nationals as mercenaries; instructions for the mixed commission of UN, ANC and Civilian Police representatives; civil aviation issues and practices; Public Works Projects; accounts of torture at the hands of the Katanges; education; finance; production and income in the Congo; promotions of ONUC personnel; measures to secure public order; and theft of ONUC vehicles. Correspondents include Sture Linner; Roger Polgar; M. Rolz-Bennett; E.W. Mathu; Robert Gardiner; George Ivan Smith; M. Khiary; S. Ahmed-Habib; Ben T. Twight; J.H. Amonoo; G. Ghaleb; and Michael Tomblain. Arranged in sub-series sequence.

Bukavu Branch Office - Cables

Series consists of incoming and outgoing cables, and code cables, administrative circulars, reports, correspondence, memoranda and message forms. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: logistics; situations reports; accommodations; flour file; movement control; air-ops; finance; political affairs; security issues; welfare issues; personnel issues; public works projects; evacuation plans; rabies epidemic; North Kivu refugee camp; violations of Rwanda's sovereignty; increase in illicit arms traffic; arbitrary arrest of ONUC personnel; provincial assembly activities; sale and purchase of UN bonds by U.S. and Swiss governments; strict control imposed on roads leaving Bukavu to prevent escape of people sought by Surete; suspension of Congo Advisory Meeting due to events of Cuban Missile Crisis; studies in an effort to integrate 40,000 Katangese Gendarmie into ANC or civilian life; employment of refugees; economic mission; and political and tribal differences in Kindu. Correspondents include F.W. Fitzgerald; Charles Brackenbury; John Grun; Sture Linner; B. Bernander; Klaas Cuperus; J. Podesta; C.A. Gaviola; Robert Gardiner; M. Khiary, S.H. Ahmed; V. Jerkovic; Robert Grindall; Nancy Gray; and Carey Seward. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Kamina Branch Office - Chronological

Series consists of correspondence, reports, cables, lists, translations, quarterly census returns, certificates, travel authoriztion forms, and information circulars. Subjects include personnel; visits by UN personnel; day trips for UN personnel; evacuation and replacement of UN personnel; theft from Officer's Mess; recruitment of personnel; purchase of second hand cars; custodial maintenance of Kamina base; rations for personnel; purchases from PX; procurement of coffins and gas masks; transport of food supplies; cold storage facilities and rooms; and meteorological station. Correspondents include S. Habib Ahmed, Base Administrator; C. Brackenbury, Chief, Field Administration Unit, Leopoldville; L. Bloch, Chief Administrative Officer; Maurice Gauvreau, Acting Base Administrator, Kamina Base; N. Lanser, Chief Administrative Officer; B. Kaplan, Chief of General Services, Leopoldville; C. Blom, Deputy Base Administrator; Nancy Gray, Chief of Civilian Personnel; and C.C. Von Horn, Supreme Commander, UNO in the Congo. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General - Technical Assistance Project Files

Series consists of correspondence, monthly reports, tables, telegrams, incoming and outgoing cables, code cables, memoranda, minutes, reports, journals, press clippings, maps, business cards, itineraries, and blueprints. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: agricultural advisory service; meteorology services; postal operations; telecommunications; educational services; monetary council; public finances; economic analysis; health services and training; mining and natural resources; police; public administration; public works programs; and social affairs. Correspondents include S. Habib Ahmed, Chief of Civilian Operations; A.C. Gilpin, Deputy Chief, Civilian Operations; M.D. Chaturvedi, Chief, FAO Mission; James R. Brooks, Deputy Chief, Civilian Operations; Godfrey K. J. Amachree, Under-Secretary in Charge of Civilian Affairs in the Congo; Carey Seward, Chief Administrative Officer; J.M. Correa, Chief, ICAO Mission; J.W. O'Bryne, Chief, WHO Mission; Cyrille Adoula, Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo; Dr. Ralph Bunche, Under-Secretary in Charge of Congo Civilian Affairs; B.F. Osorio-Tafall, Chief of Civilian Operations; and Gustav Cederwall, Controller of Public Finance. Arranged in filing number order.

Force Commander - Cables

Series consists of incoming/Outgoing cables, code cables, memoranda, correspondence, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, diagrams, and maps. Subjects include airlifting equipment; airlifing personnel; airfield security; death of tribal chiefs; entertainment of troops; high level talks involving UN officials; troop transportation; road blocks; theft of vehicles; deployment of troops; looting; destruction of civilian property; propaganda leaflets; evacuation of civilians; traffic accidents; mercenaries; repatriation via air; striking workers; destruction of UN property; escalation of violence; smuggling activities; Kalonjist movement; court of inquiry; departure of UN staff; itineraries; riots; capture of arms and munitions; death of troops; prisoners of war; Katangese gendarmes; cease-fire; illegal diamond trade; destruction of bridges; refugees; refugee camps; relief supplies; flooding; problems with paracommandos; violent incidents; stores of meats and vegetables; killing of civilians by UN soldiers; refugee trains; and bombings by Katangese. Correspondents include W.F. Wiltshire, Chief, Air Transport Operations; Max Dorsinville; Carey Seward; S. Linner; J. Aguiyi-Ironsi, Force Commander; Ralph Bunche; Lt. Col. J. Cooney, Air Commander; R. Gardiner, Chief of Staff; Lt. Col. Mattimore, Force Commander; Col. O'Brien; President Tshombe; J. Rolz-Bennett, ONUC Representative; and Major B.P. Bhalla, Chief, Military Operations. Arranged by town of operations in two alphabetical sequences.

Force Commander - Headquarters Commander - Registry

Series consists of memoranda, correspondence, reports, handwritten notes, reports, information circulars, receipts, vouchers, administrative orders, administrative circulars, and cables. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: civilian complaints; personnel; company strength; reduction of staff; civilian employees; loss of merchandise; ration system; black market; UN medal; Camp Martini; court of inquiry; operating procedures; accomodations; furnishings; and detainees. Correspondents include S.P. Jamieson, Deputy Provost Marshall; M.O. Bissonnette, Headquarters Commandant; P.J. O'Reilly, Supervisor, Civilian Staff; Major Chawdry, Logisitics Coordinator; Major Puri, Logistics Planning; Major Chopra, Logistics Statistics; Major Mark Strom, Transit Camp Martini; Major R.W. Parker, Force Provost Marshal; and D. Manson, Chief of Maintenance and Furnishing Branch. Arranged in filing number order.

Force Commander - Headquarters Katanga Area, Air Base Operations - Non-Registry

Series consists of code cables, illustrations, memoranda, diagrams, handwritten notes, inventories, letters, maps, situation reports, list of supplies, job descriptions, administrative circulars, and base orders. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: recipients of awarded medals; flying orders for the ONUC Air Force; looting; air reconnaissance missions, targets, dates, times and remarks; fighter operations around Kamina base; responsibilities for fighter operations staff; directions, diagrams, and charts for SARAH transmitter used in search and rescue missions. Correspondents include General Sean MacEoin, Force Commander; Major John O. Spiel, Air Base Commander; Captain Gerardo C. Protacio, PAF Intelligence Officer; and Captain L. Wanrud, Chief of Military Operations. Date of establishment occurred on 14/07/1960 by Security Resolution 143 (1960). The date of dissolution was 30/06/1964.
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Force Commander - Headquarters in Leopoldville, Air Division - Registry

Series consists of administrative circulars, agendas, base orders, drafts, cables, code cables, forms, illustrations, diagrams, handwritten notes, lists, press releases, letters, memoranda, maps, minutes of conferences, inventories, reports, routine orders, nominal rolls, translations, rosters, tables, receipts, standing orders, operation orders, and progress reports. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: placement of air transport bases; requests for supplies and staff; air staff organization; types of aircraft needed; police services; budgets; transport priority board; staff reduction; civilian personnel; engineering of aircraft; Congolese Air Force; inspection of aircraft; United States Air Force Airlift; officer's duties; helicopters; repatriation; discipline of personnel; accidents; refugees; safety issues; boards of inquiry; badges of rank; commercial air travel; UNATB at N'Djili; administrative affairs; movement control; and incidents involving UN aircraft. Correspondents include Dr. Ralph Bunche, Under Secretary for Special Political Affairs; C.G.W. Chapman, Air Commander; General Kebbede Guebre, Force Commander; Colonel J. Guha, Chief of Staff; General Chr. R. Kaldager, Force Commander; Major General Chr. R. Kaldager, Air Commander; Lieutenant Colonel Helio Keller, Chief Air Administrative Officer; General Sean MacEoin, Force Commander; Lieutenant Colonel N. N. Madan, Chief Logistics Officer; Brigadier B.A.O. Ogundipe, Chief of Staff; Major General John Ryg, Air Commander; Lieutenant Colonel G. Samuelson, Chief of Military Information; Ben T. Twigt, Chief Administrative Officer; General Carl Carlson Van Horn, Supreme Force Commander; Lieutenant Colonel A. Pappalardo, Base Commander, UNATB; Colonel W.K. Carr, Group Captain, Air Commander; John A. Olver, Chief Administrative Officer; J.C. Varma, Air Commander; Wing Commander G.G. Wright, Chief Air Transport Officer; Wing Commander W.F. Wiltshire, Chief Air Transport Officer; Colonel T. Testerini, Base Commander, UNATB, N'Djili; Captain I. Opdahl, Base Personnel Officer, UNATB, N'Djili; and Squadron Leader H.S. Chawla, Air Administrative Officer. Date of establishment occurred on 14/07/1960 by Security Resolution 143 (1960). The date of dissolution was 30/06/1964.
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