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Subject Files - Commissioner
S-0721 · Series · 1934 - 1957
Part of United Nations Commission for Eritrea (1950)

United Nations Commissioner in Eritea

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, incoming and outgoing cables, handwritten documents, meeting notes, minutes of meetings, summary records, reports, interviews, drafts, working papers, translations, background papers, tables of contents, appendices, corrigenda, bibliographies, proclamations, statements, constitutions, speeches, observations, recommendations, press clippings, letters of appointment, orders, legal questions, press releases, press conference statements, communiques, circulars, lists, itineraries, diagrams, statistical tables, booklets, and routing slips. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administration; personnel; protocol; Eritean constitution; Ethiopian constitution; Eritean Representative Assembly; organic laws; electoral laws; elections; Ad Hoc Political Committee of General Assembly; incidents; security situations; Eritean's General Amnesty; British administration; Eritea's budgetary issues; Italian private property; land disputes; religious issues; racial issues; language issues; trade; documentary film projects; consultations; economic and social concerns; foreign policy; Shifta problem; and closing down of mission. Correspondents include Trygve Lie, UN Secretary- General; H.E. Eduardo Anze Matienzo, UN Commissioner for Eritea; Dr. Ranschofer-Wertheimer, Principal Secretary, UN Commission for Eritea; A.J. Lucas, Principal Secretary, UN Commission for Eritea; Philippe L. Poullain, Political Affairs Officer, UN Commissioner for Ertiea; Haile Sellassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia; D. Protitch, Principal Director of Security Council Affairs; Andrew Cordier, Executive Assistant to Security Council; and Tedla Bairu, President, Eritean Representative Assembly.

UN. Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General - 1946:1961

Series consists of papers, interoffice memoranda and reports of the Publications Board for the period of 1947-1954. Documented are requests for publication, budget and distribution issues, policy decisions, administrative instructions and survey of documentation. Also included are 2 bound volumes of 1950-1951 publication programmes - oversized and reports of the Supervisory Commission of the League of Nations - 1935-1945, containing information on publications.

Accession number is 62/1130 - A/397

Series documents the activities of the Publications Board. Records consist of correspondence, memoranda, meeting minutes, and annual reports. Correspondents include Secretary-General U Thant, Under-Secretary for Conference Services Jiri Nosek, and Chief Editor and Executive Assistant of the Office of the Secretary-General Leo Malania. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Please note that box 7 is oversize folder, title Publications programs.

S-0616 · Series · 1935 - 1957
Part of United Nations Mediator for Palestine (1948-1949)

United Nations Mediator and Acting Mediator for Palestine - Dr. Ralph Bunche

Series consists of correspondence, cables, memoranda, draft suggestions and resolutions, official statements and agreements, press releases, transcripts of broadcasts, newspapers, summary records of meetings, progress reports, industrial and annual reports, incident and investigative reports, medical reports, questionnaires, journals, contracts, lists and rosters, memorials and tributes, personal papers, publications, photographs, charts, diagrams, maps, instructional booklets, and code book. Subjects include but are not limited to the following - administration; troop movements; Truce Commission; Mixed Armistice Commission; Armistice Resolution; demilitarization of Jerusalem; refugee conditions; plane crashes; assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte; truce enforcement and violations; peace negotiations; British-owned oil refineries; displaced persons; passenger lists; mail contracts and terminations; funeral arrangements; letters of condolence; Negev Demarcation; Mt. Scopus Agreement; POWs; operation of Hagelin Cryptographic Ciphering Machines; and Palestine Citrus Board. Correspondents include Ralph Bunche, UN Mediator/Acting Mediator for Palestine; Count Folke Bernadotte, UN Acting Mediator for Palestine; Doreen Daughton, Secretary to Dr. Bunche; WIlliam E. Riley, Brigadier General, USMC/Chief of Staff, Truce Supervision Organization; and John Reedman, Principal Secretary of United Nations Economic Survey for the Middle East.

S-0890 · Series · 1935 - 1974
Part of Secretary-General U Thant (1961-1971)

Series relates to matters addressed by U Thant as the Permanent Representative of Burma to the UN. Issues such as peace-keeping missions, appointment as Secretary-General, critical situations in Cyprus, Hungary, South West Africa and the Korean Peninsula, UN administrative matters, representation within the UN, and disarmament are covered. The series also consists of speeches, interviews and memorabilia relating to U Nu, Prime Minister of Burma. Records consist of letters, memoranda, speeches, transcripts of interviews, reports, and briefs. Correspondents include U Thant, Secretary-General; C.V. Narasimhan, Associate Managing Director of the UN Special Fund; Henry Cabot Lodge, Permanent Representative from the US; Frank N. Trager, Professor of International Affairs, New York University; U Nu, Prime Minister, Burma; Adlai Stevenson, Permanent Representative from the US. U Thant was Secretary-General from 1961 to 1971. Series arrangement: alphabetical.