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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) (1943-1946) Image
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[Yugoslavia] Belgrade the state of Bosnia saw some of the bitterest fighting to take place in Yugoslavia

Image shows a group of Bosnian women pulling a wooden plow across a field, Yugoslavia. Additional title information: "Agriculture, the main means of livelihood for the people, was almost completely destroyed. Prosperous farms were razed to the ground and livestock reduced to a few ill-fed cows or a handful of chickens. Now the Bosnians are engaged in the fight for recovery. They are using every means to restore their shattered view of life. When they lack implements, they use their hands as improvised tools. Women and children labour equally with the men; and here is a group of Bosnian women and young girls replacing the horses, mules, and oxen killed or carried off by the Germans during the occupation. UNRRA is now shipping to Yugoslavia with highest priorities desperately needed agricultural machinery, horses and mules. Yugoslav agriculture must be revived if Yugoslavia is to survive." Photo Borba - Organ K.P.J. Date: "1 September 1945". UNRRA 768. Original title category: "Farming - Yugoslavia" Unscanned image.

[Greece] 210 Jewish children - Greek citizens - whose parents were killed by the Germans were collected throughout Greece and sent to families in Palestine which are going to adopt them.

UNRRA / 5537

"The work was done by UNRRA which provided transport, the Joint Distribution Committee and the Athens Jewish Agency. Photo: Papiaounnou [i.e. Papaioannou]."

United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Children - Greece
Adoption - Palestine
Emigration & immigration - Greek - Palestine


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