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S-0526-0357-0002-00001 · Item · 1960-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Ewha Women's University Library: Books for the shelves of Korea's libraries, stripped bare during the war, were provided by UNKRA as part of its widespread program in aid of education. Texts on agriculture, biology, mathematics, engineering, education, chemistry and physics, literature and the liberal arts were among those procured at a cost of $200,000.

S-0526-0357-0003-00037 · Item · 1960-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Housing at Tongnae: Besides being overcrowded with refugees, Pusan has been the victim of a series of disastrous fires which have further reduced available housing. Thousands of victims still are living in tents provided by the army; many more shelter in squalid huts or unused coal sheds along the railroad tracks. A Pusan Housing Authority has been set up by the ROK Government, and UNKRA was asked to assist it in providing new homes for at least a few of the homeless. Sites were laid out at Tongnae and Yong-do, with road-building machinery contributed by AFAK (Armed Forces Aid to Korea) and labor contributed by the ROK Army. UKRA allocated $955,000 under its 1954 program to build 2,000 units at the two sites. By October of 1954 some 50 units had been completed at each site; work was under way on another 50. This program was in addition to the Agency's $2.4 million housing program funded in 1953 and still being pursued in 1954.

S-0526-0357-0004-00019 · Item · 1960-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Merchant Marine Academy, Pusan: Largely dependent on the sea for both food and commerce, South Korea has always laid great stress on the maintenance of her Merchant Marine. The withdrawal of the Japanese and the disasters of war denuded her of both vessels and trained seamen. To help re-establish the Merchant Marine, UNKRA allocated $350,000 to build and equip an Academy capable of accommodating 400 students who are at the moment being taught their trade in temporary buildings in Pusan. The Academy, which overlooks a rocky bay at Yong-do Pusan, is nearing completion. It consists of 18 buildings including lecture rooms, dormitories, a mess hall, bath house, laboratory, storehouses and staff accommodation. A Marine science officer, Captain Alexander Roth, has been appointed by UNKRA to supervise the construction of the Academy and to assist in planning the curricula.

S-0526-0357-0005-00011 · Item · 1960-12-31
Part of United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) (1950-1958)

Mungyong Cement Plant Agreement: On 4 February 1955 UNKRA and the Republic of Korea completed agreement with F.L. Smidth & Co. (Denmark) for the construction of a $5 million cement plant at Mungyong-gun, Kyongsang Pukto province, the largest single project undertaken by UNKRA. The plant, when completed, will have an annual production capacity of 100,000 metric tons, and more than double Korea's present output of this vital construction commodity.