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Administration Division

Administration Division
Records of S-1815 include: ONUSAL Standard Operating Procedures; organization charts and papers for various offices and sub-offices; terms of reference for mission personnel; guidelines for Military Liaison Officers and Police Monitors on assignment; reports of the Secretary-General on ONUSAL and the peace process in El Salvador; and correspondence of the Chief Administrative Officer with Regional Coordinators regarding the phasing-out of the mission.

Electoral Division

S-1811 contains records concerning provision of support and assistance by the United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador (ONUSAL) for the conduct of the national elections, which were held on 20 March of 1994.

Electoral Division
Records consist of: operational support plans for the elections; progress reports on the activities of the Electoral Division; plans and reports describing observation and monitoring activities enacted in regions; lists of polling stations; analyses of the media coverage of the electoral process; statements signed by candidates; reports describing problems in the process of issuing voter registration cards (carnets); descriptions of ONUSAL’s election-related activities with non-governmental organizations; and electoral and political reports prepared by ONUSAL’s regional offices. Correspondence covers such topics as: the selection and establishment of polling sites; the selection of electoral observers, who were deployed at polling sites to verify that electoral activities took place in a free and fair atmosphere; allegations of electoral fraud; and activities and events held by political parties. Records pertaining to ONUSAL’s preparatory mission for the elections include: work plans; reports assessing the pre-electoral climate; reports examining Salvadoran institutions integral to the electoral process; and reports monitoring fulfillment of the Chapultepec Peace Accords.

Records on political parties consist of: papers describing the principles and objectives of political parties; correspondence between ONUSAL officials and political party leaders; and complaints made about irregularities in the electoral process and improper conduct of public officials and candidates. Also included are lists, tables and statistics compiled by ONUSAL on: voting activities; voting centers; complaints and incidents in departments and municipalities; and the process of issuing voter registration cards (carnets) to members of the public. Records of the El Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) include: correspondence between ONUSAL officials and TSE officials; analyses of political parties; interviews with members of political parties; and reports on problems with El Salvador’s electoral process and possible solutions.

Electoral Division, Regional Office of San Salvador
Records consist of: information circulars and memoranda on the freedom of association; reports of the registration process in San Salvador towns and municipalities; lists of mayors; reports of the Electoral Division; codes of conduct followed in departments during electoral campaigns; operational support plans for the election as enacted in San Salvador and in other regions; booklets, brochures and publicity materials issued by non-governmental organizations that assisted with voter registration; and papers on election strategy, the recount process in San Salvador, methodology for electoral observation, and the organization and functions of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). Correspondence covers such topics as: selection of and requests for electoral observers; plans for voter registration events; alleged registration and electoral fraud; updates on candidates; campaign events; and post-election wrap-up. Records concerning electoral observers include: data on deployment; orientation materials on the departments of El Salvador; observation procedures; and reports on campaign events.

Complaints include reports of: illegal campaigning; registration and electoral fraud; vandalism; and threats and acts of violence intended to influence voters. Records documenting ONUSAL activities in the Department of Cuscatlan include: notes for the file about registration problems; lists of officials and non-governmental organizations active in the Department; and reports and statistics on the issuing of voter registration cards and the election. Records documenting ONUSAL activities in the Department of La Libertad include: correspondence between officials of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) and ONUSAL officials; results of voter registration drives; reports of visits to mayoralties (alcaldias); papers on the process of document verification and issuing of voter registration cards.

Subject Files - Tribunal

United Nations Tribunal in Eritea

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, notes, reports, appendices, translations, agreements, resolutions, case files, charge sheets, judgements, petitions, actes de citation, rules of procedure, legal documents, press clippings, periodicals, and reprints of journal articles. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: court cases; tribunal judges; Asmara; economic and financial matters in Ertiea; CITAO (Compagnia Italiana Transporti Africa Orientala); and CINTIA (Compagnia Improse Nazionale Turistich Italia Africa). Correspondents include Trygve Lie, UN Secretary-General; Louis Chapard, Registrar, UN Tribunal in Eritea; Adib Maakad, Registrar, UN Tribunal in Eritea; Albert W. Reid, Registrar, UN Tribunal in Eritea; Faiz Yorukoglu, President, UN Tribunal in Eritea; and Tedla Bairu, Chief Executive, Imperial Ethiopian Court.

Administrative Files - United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans (UNSCOB)

The United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans (UNSCOB) was established in November, 1947 to perform good offices, and to help settle disputes. It lasted until December 1951.

Records relate primarily to personnel matters, and include staff lists, letters of appointment for general staff, drivers, and interpreters; as well as correspondence concerning general matters. Also included are memoranda concerning the responsibilities of UNSCOB.

Series consists of correspondence, reports, and brochures. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: letters of appointment for local staff; letters of appointment for UN staff; pay scales; requests for leave; and indemnity pay. Correspondents include John Townend, Administrative Officer, UNSCOB, Salonika; M.F. Payne, Administrative Officer, UNSCOB, Athens; L. Nicolaou, Greek Liason Service Secretary; Mary McKenna, Administrative Officer, UNSCOB; and Byron Price, Assistant to the Secretary-General, Department of Administrative and Financial Services.

Subject Files - United Nations Military Observers in Greece (UNMOG)

The United Nations Military Observers in Greece's (UNMOG) task was to investigate incidents along the Greek borders and to make periodic reports.

Series consists of correspondence, reports, draft documents, and maps.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: changes in personnel; violations in Greek air space; illegal mowing of wheat; firings by Bulgarians at Greeks; incidents near borders; Balkin Sub-Commission - Peace Observation Commission; draft plan of operation for an Athens office; annual efficiency report; and per diem and cost of living information.

Correspondents include Brigadier H.W.D. McDonald, Principal Observer; P. Skeferis, Representative - Hellenic Liason; D. Protitch, Principal Director, Department of Security Council Affairs; Lieut.-General Antoniou Ev, Military Advisor; Major Andreas Kazos, Greek Liason Services; James Douglas, UN Secretariat, Political Affairs Officer; Alvro De Silva, Administration and Finance Officer; Carey Seward, Acting Director, Field Operating Services; C.A. Stavropoulos, Principal Director-in-Charge of Legal Department; Lieut.-Colonel Orval J. Abel, Acting Principal Observer, UN Military Observers in Greece; and Colonel J.G.E. Reid, Principal Observer.

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