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United Nations Office for Special Political Affairs (1955-1991) Series
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Representation of China in the United Nations - Subject Files

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (OUSGSPA) (1958-1972: Bunche; 1970-1978: Guyer)

Series consists of two volumes documenting the representation of China in the United Nations. Volumes include cables, memoranda, correspondence, UN documents and reports, including session reports of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN. Volume one is composed of general information / FAQs; volume two targets specific topics, such as the textile industry; the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); the International Labor Organization (ILO); the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative (IGMC); the International Monetary Fund (IMF); the International Communication Union (ICU); the Universal Postal Union (UPU); and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Accession number: 1985/079

Actual series size: 1 box


United Nations Suez Canal Operations (UNSCO) - Correspondence

Office of the Secretary-General: Special Political Affairs Section: United Nations Suez Canal Operations (UNSCO)

Series consists of correspondence, cables, telegrams, memoranda, meeting reports, aide-memoires, bibliographies, lists, invoices, brochures, business cards, tables, and diagrams relating to the administration and operations of the Suez Canal clearance operations. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: negotiations between the French government and the Suez Canal Company over the salvage of the Statue of Ferdinand de Lessop; specifications of salvage equipment; transit dues; pilot fees; and offers of assistance to UNSCO from various organizations and private companies. Correspondents include Dag Hammerskjold, UN Secretary-General; Lt. General R. A. Wheeler, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General; D. G. Sullivan, Chief Administration Officer, UNSCO; Alfred George Katzin, UN Deputy Under-Secretary; Colonel Mahmoud Younis, Engineer, Member of the Director's Office, Suez Canal Authority, Ismailia; and Claude Boillot, Suez Canal Company.

United Nations Chief Co-ordinator (UNCC) - Subject Files

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (OUSGSPA) (1970-1978: Guyer; 1974-1985: Urquhart; 1979-1981: Perez de Cuellar)

Series consists of materials documenting the efforts of the Chief Coordinator of the United Nations Peace-Keeping Missions in the Middle East (UNCC), Lt. Gen. Ensio Siilasvuo, including clear cables from New York to Jerusalem, numbered and unnumbered code cables (incoming and outgoing); clearances for visits; staff lists and personnel information (such as resignations); minutes of meetings held by the Chief Coordinator; and correspondence. Subjects include the status of Israel, Lebanon and Egypt; UNEF II; and summaries and commentaries on articles printed in the Jerusalem press and other Middle East newspapers. Correspondents include UNEF Force Commander Maj. Gen. Bengt Liljestrand; and UNDOF Force Commander Hannes Philipp.

Accession number: 87/005, boxes 26-27; 85/183, box 22

Actual series size: 2 boxes


United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) - Cables

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1974-1985: Urquhart; 1979-1981: Perez de Cuellar; 1981-1988: Cordovez; 1986-1992: Goulding)
UN. Under-Secretary-General for Peace-Keeping Operations (1992-1997: Annan)

Series consists of numbered code and clear cables (incoming and outgoing) related to the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) mission to monitor the cease-fire between India and Pakistan in Kashmir and Jammu. Subjects include shooting and bombing incidents; political demonstrations; safety of military observers; and relations with local Indian and Pakistani army officials. Other subjects include press coverage of the mission and media relations; and personnel and administrative matters. Correspondents include Chief Military Observers Brig. Gen. Stig Waldenstrom, Brig. Gen. Thor A. Johnsen, Brig. Gen. Alf Hammer and Brig. Gen. James Parker.

Accession numbers: 93/127, box 3

Actual series size: 2 boxes


United Nations Observer Group in Central America (ONUCA) - Subject Files

UN. Office of the Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1981-1988: Cordovez; 1986-1992: Goulding)
UN. Under-Secretary-General for Department of Peace-Keeping Operations (1992-1997: Annan)

Series consists of correspondence, code cables (incoming and outgoing), agreements, meeting summaries, incident reports, press releases, daily press briefings and monthly reports regarding the United Nations Observer Group in Central America (ONUCA) mission to monitor cross-border activities in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Subjects include seizures of weapons and equipment; the demobilization of Nicaraguan resistance (Contras); Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional (FMLN); "Recontras," aircraft; and the political and military situation in Central America. Other subjects documented are military and civilian personnel; administrative matters; finance; and contributing countries. Correspondents include Principal Political Adviser Rolf Knutsson; Chief Military Observers Maj. Gen. Agustin Quesada Gomez, Brig. Gen. Lewis W. Mackenzie, and Brig. Gen. Victor Suanzes.

Accession numbers: 93/164, boxes 1-3

Actual series size: 6 boxes


Security Council Mission to Cambodia and Vietnam - Subject Files

Records consist primarily of correspondence to the Special Representative from the Royal Government of Cambodia at Phnom-Penh, and the government of Thailand in Bangkok, each reporting on and complaining about aggressive incidents perpetrated by the other.

Also included are translations into English of Radio Cambodia news reports about Thailand, with related correspondence from Thailand complaining about Cambodian radio and press slurs; some miscellaneous correspondence, maps, and clippings; and a two volume diary, 1963-1964, briefly recording daily events from the mission's Bangkok office.

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, code cables, press clippings, maps, photographs, diaries, lists, translations, and radio information.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: list of Thai Nationals applying for identity cards; pouch schedule; arrests for illegal entries into Thailand; prisoners; volunteer defense corps in Cambodia and livestock capture.

Correspondents include Bhusana A. Krairiksh, Director-General of Political Department; Richard W. Wathen, Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Thailand and Cambodia; Phya Srivisar, Assistant to Prime Minister, Royal Government of Thailand; and Nils Gussing, Special Representative to Thailand and Cambodia.

Mission of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Cambodia and Thailand - de Ribbing Mission - Subject Files

The task of this mission was to provide good offices in reducing tension between Cambodia and Thailand. The Special Representative was Herbert de Ribbing, and the mission was also known the "de Ribbing Mission." It lasted from August, 1966 to February, 1968.

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, handwritten documents, incoming and outgoing cables, meeting agendas, minutes of meetings, verbatim records of meetings, agreements, treaties, incident reports, personnel reports, General Assembly reports, summaries of statements, annexes, extracts, notes, aides memoires, speeches, translations, press clippings, press releases, transcripts of news conferences, programmes, schedules, itineraries, charts, diagrams, maps, yearbooks, periodicals, vouchers, and routing slips.

Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administration; personnel; budgets; Thai-Burma relationship; Thai-Cambodia relationship; French-Siam relationship; Thai-Cambodian border incidents; frontier incidents; economic situation; political developments; formulation of new government; meetings with Thai and Cambodian government representatives; and closing of mission. Correpondents include U. Thant, Secretary-General; H. de Ribbing, Special Representative of Secretary-General to Cambodia and Thailand; Y. Akashi, Political Affairs Officer, de Ribbing Mission; C.V. Narasimhan, Cabinet Chief, United Nations Headquarters; Jose Rolz-Bennett, Acting Cabinet Chief; Prince Sihanouk of Royal Government of Cambodia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand.

Related Records:

S-0320-de Ribbing Mission records in AG-005-UN Secretary-General U Thant Fonds


Series consists of records relating to United Nations peacekeeping operations, stand-by forces and military observers. Includes a number of files dating from 1947 to 1971 that pertain to the establishment of United Nations peacekeeping missions. Miscellaneous files pertaining to peacekeeping include correspondence, reports, official government statements, some photographs and documents regarding proposals for a permanent United Nations peacekeeping force. Also included in the series are files that pertain to the United Nations Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, the United Nations Observation Group in Lebanon (UNOGIL) and the United Nations Yemen Observer Mission (UNYOM). Some records of James Jonah and Lt. General Prem Chand are also included, as well as files containing published material related to peacekeeping by Brigadier F. R. Henn and Colonel L. M. K. Skern.

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