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United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964) Series
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Force Commander - Air Division, Air Intelligence - Non-Registry

Series consists of cables, code cables, diagrams, handwritten notes, maps, photographs, reports, speeches, news summaries, cargo manifests, air intelligence bulletins, inspection certificates, and an atlas of airfields in Congo. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: air missions; data on airfields; cease fire arrangements; Katangese air buildup; assessment of Katangese air forces; air strength reports; summary of missions; mission reports; speech by David Mulongo, Chief Administrator of the Territory; violations by UN military aircraft; repatriation of troops; flight schedules; troop movements; visit and transport of Secretary-General; description of fixed targets in Katanga; monthly cost for UN air transports; and cost to airlift refugees/Baluba airlift. Correspondents include Dr. Ralph Bunche, Under Secretary for Special Political Affairs; General Kebbede Guebre, Force Commander; Major L.H.H. Carlson, Chief Military Information Officer; G. Peche, Deputy Chief, ICAO TA Mission, Congo; Nils Karlsson, Air Base Commander, Luluabourg; W.F. Wiltshire, Wing Commander, Senior RCAF Officer; and J.P. Fournier, Chief, ICAO TA Mission, Congo. Date of establishment occurred on 14/07/1960 by Security Resolution 143 (1960). The date of dissolution was 30/06/1964.
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Bukavu Branch Office - Chronological Reference

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, incoming and outgoing cables. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: procurement; personnel issues; political issues; repatriation issues; travel and movement; welfare supplies and activities; communications; ONUC public information policies in the province; tensions between the ANC and Gendarmes; logistics; air-ops; public works programs; and evacuation of ONUC camp at Bukavu. Correspondents include Robin T.Miller; Fergus Fitzgerald; R. Rossborough; John Grun; Klaas Cuperus; and C.A. Gaviola. Arranged chronologically.

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General - Registry - Organization

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, code cables, rosters, drafts, reports, meeting minutes, survey results, bulletins, note-verbales, administrative circulars, agreements, and memoranda. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: transportation of UN staff and family members; housing of UN staff; assassinations; propaganda campaign by Katanga authorities; refugee camps; traffic and highway code regulations; personnel; rabies prevention; Red Cross; trips for personnel; civilian arrests; public works programs; evacuation of UN personnel; mercenaries; mining natural resources; black market traffic; living conditions in the Congo; budget planning; animal husbandry training centre; and education in the Congo. Correspondents include J.D.R. Kelly, Assistant to the Special Representative; F. Tickner, Chief, ONUC, Civilian Officer; V. Fabry, Legal Advisor; F.W. Tooby, Deputy Chief, Refugee Relief Coordinator; J. Rolz-Bennett, Chief, ONUC Civilian Officer; B. Grunsweig, Deputy Chief, Administrative Officer; R.K.A. Gardiner, Officer-in-Charge, Leopoldville; Ralph Bunche, Under-Secretary of the United Nations; Naomi Osborne, Chief of Civilian Personnel; Max Dorsinville, Officer-in Charge; A.C. Gilpin, Deputy Chief, Civilian Operations; James R. Brooks, Adjunct Chief, Civil Operations; Carey Seward, Chief Administrative Officer, ONUC, Leopoldville; and S. Linner, Chief of Civilian Operations, ONUC. Arranged in filing number order, and therein chronologically.

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General - Katanga Government Security Administration - Investigations

Series consists of correspondence, handwritten notes, bulletins, newspaper clippings, lists, reports, photographs and interviews. Subjects relate to previous arrest information for a group of two thousand four hundred and sixty-eight individuals. Each folder holds the information for ten individuals in numerical order. Correspondents include G. Munongo, Minister of the Interior; J. Disase; J. Bomboko, Minister of Foreign Affairs; and many of the individuals listed on each folder. Arranged in filing number order.

Luluabourg Branch Office - Non-Registry

Series consists of cables, memoranda, correspondence, aide-memoires, reports, invoices, diagrams, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, maps, and itineraries. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: transport of pigs; delivery of medicine; air mission in Kassai; awarding of construction contracts; recommendation for ANC liason; petrol situation; rail problems; loss and damage of supplies during transport; closing of Lubilash bridge; tribal fighting; refugee situation; taxes; political prisioners; belongings of refugees; repatriation; incidents between Jeunesse and ANC soldiers; clergy; missionaries; troop activities; police activities; beatings, burlary, and raping of Europeans by Lumumba youth; looting; requests for air transport; illegal arrest of civilians by soldiers; road blocks; military patrols; complaints against ONUC troops; political refugees; repatriation of refugees; water supplies; electrical plants; and formation of new provinces. Correspondents include A. Succar, Deputy Chief Civilian Affairs Officer, Luluabourg; A.C. Gilpin, Special Assistant to the Officer-in-Charge; John Wood, Administrative Officer, Luluabourg; John Grun, Chief Refugee Relief Coordinator; R. Bossut, Regional Director; Ben Twigt, Chief Administrative Officer, Leopoldville; W. A. Duncan Smith, Director of Refugee Movement; M. Khiary, Chief of Civilian Operations; F.J. Tickner, Chief Civilian Affairs Officer; Ralph Bunch, Under-Secretary; C. Blom, Chief Civilian Affairs Officer; and M.E. Larcher, Chief of Public Works Program. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Goma Branch Office - Non-Registry

Series consists of correspondence, cables, handwritten documents, telegrammes, aide-memiores, and airbills. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: visits to the Congo; allocation of vehicles; display of arms during travel; personnel; movement of personnel; troop withdrawal; WHO doctors in North Kivu; electricity supplies at Goma airport; delivery of medicines; Red Cross; refugees from Uganda in North Kivu; murder; burglary; robberies; transportation of supplies; arrests of politicians; incidents; and implimentation of curfew. Correspondents include S. Habib Ahmed, Chief of Civilian Operations; John Wood, Administrative Officer, ONUC, Goma; C.A. Gaviola, Chief of Civil Mission, Bukavu; R.K.A. Gardiner, Officer-in-Charge, ONUC, Leopoldville; Max H. Dorsinville, Officer-in-Charge; Roger Khazoom, Administrative Officer, Bukavu; W. Rose; and Nancy Gray, Chief of Personnel, ONUC, Leopoldville. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Goma Branch Office - Cables

Series consists of incoming and outgoing cables, handwritten cables, copies of cables, minutes of meetings, cable log sheets, and veterinary certificates. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: food supplies; UN personnel, arrival, departure, leave, and movement of; accomodations; UN vehicles; travel authorization; finances for project; evacuation of Goma airport; px supplies; dysentery epidemic; medical supplies; Red Cross; refugees; arrests of UN staff by Nigerian police; illegal sale and export of tusks of ivory; found cadavers; and cold storage facilites. Correspondents include William Rose; Mr. Khazoom; John Wood, Administrative Officer, ONUC, Goma; G.A. Dunn, Chief, Supply Office and Purchase Control, Leopoldville; Alan Cooper, Chief, Procurement Officer, Leopoldville; and Albert Marx, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Goma Branch Office - Chronological Reference

Series consists of correspondence, administrative reports, and maps. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: food supplies; UN personnel; Congolese workers; use of vehicles; housing of ONUC personnel; procurement and movement of supplies; finances for project; Ruandese refugees in North Kivu; and theft of px supplies. Correspondents include William E. Rose, ONUC Representative; A. Nachaat, Administrative Officer, Bukavu; P. de Gaigneron, Finance Officer, Kamina; Mr. Mancini, Civilian Operations, ONUC Leopoldville; Mr. Nuglozeh, Finance Officer; Mr. Bronsema, Chief Finance Officer, ONUC, Leopoldville; and R. Khazoom, ONUC, Bukavu. Arranged chronologically.

Kamina Branch Office - Registry

Series consists of correspondence, cables, charts, diagrams, reports, memoranda, information circulars, bulletins, lists, minutes of meetings, telegrammes, certificates, agreements, translations, pamphlets, situation reports, base orders, maps, and forms. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: refugees; UN withdrawal; education programs for Congolese workers; ONUC personnel; repatriation; food supplies; efforts to increase power supplies; traffic rules; water supply; milk powder and vitamin supplements distribution; and schools. Correspondents include S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer, ONUC, Leopoldville; C.C. Von Horn, Supreme Commander, UN Organization in the Congo, Leopoldville; Col. J.J. Quinn, Deputy Chief of Staff; Robert Gardiner, Officer-in-Charge, ONUC, Leopoldville; Ralph J. Bunche, Under-Secretary for Special Political Affairs; C. Brackenbury, Chief, Field Administrative Unit; Carey Seward, Chief Administrative Officer; Carl Major Wright, Base Administrator, Kamina; A.C. Gilpin, Deputy Chief of Civilian Operations; and S. Linner, Chief of Civilian Operations. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Kamina Branch Office - Non-Registry

Series consists of base orders, memoranda, cables, correspondence, programs, maps, administrative reports, information circulars, personnel record cards, and administrative circulars. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: vehicle regulations; war booty; leave permits; construction of housing; recreation facilities; electrical installation; prevention of diseases; matters related to vehicles; military incidents; health incidents; and local personnel. Correspondents include Major Axel Friman, Chief of Staff; J. Postma, Base Administrator; Van Lierde, Kamina Base Commander; R. Polgar, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer; A.D. Vieira, Base Administrator; C. Blom, Base Administrator; S.A. Chakra, Director Du Service, MOC; Lieutenant Colonel Bengt Fredman, Acting Commander, Section C; and W. Poirier, Personnel Director. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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