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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany Mission: British Zone (Lemgo), Central Registry

Series consists of medical reports and statistics, assembly center progress reports, nursing narrative reports, displaced person self-government reports, minutes of the Displaced Persons Committee, camp education reports, minutes of team meetings, situation reports, camp forms (blank), displaced persons publications, director's reports (monthly and narrative), exhibition pamphlets, repatriation reports, correspondence, memoranda, and photographs. Subjects include detention centers; camp accidents; admissions into trade schools; vocational training; Glynn Hughes Hospita;, repatriation from assembly centers; security; welfare and transport history; children's homes; and supplies. Correspondents include Brig. F. A. J. E. Marshall, Area Supervising Officer; Raphael Cilento, Director, British Zone; J. N. Wheatley, Medical Superintendent; and J. A. Greenwood, Field Supervisory Officer.


United Nations RelieF and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA)/Germany: Central Headquarters, Department oF Field Operations, Repatriation Section

Series consists oF correspondence, memoranda, periodic reports, conFerence agendas and minutes, handwritten notes, and a copy oF 'UNDR Team News' relating to operations and issues involved in the repatriation oF displaced persons. Subjects include but are not limited to the Following: resettlement and repatriation oF displaced persons; eligibility For UNRRA assistance; reports oF unaccompanied children in Germany; Jewish activities; and plans and guidelines For tracing unaccompanied children and displaced persons. Correspondent includes Carl H. Martini, ChieF oF RelieF Services at Central Headquarters (Arolsen).

Actual series size: 4 boxes.


United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration UNRRA/Germany: Central Headquarters in Arolsen, Department of Field Operations, Relief Services: Welfare and Repatriation Division, Employment and Training Branch, Child Welfare Section

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, periodic reports, agendas and minutes of staff meetings, agreements, incoming and outgoing cables, and administrative orders relating to field operations including relief services for displaced persons, welfare and repatriation of displaced persons, employment and training for displaced persons, and child welfare. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: immigration assistance; displaced persons dental and medical care; displaced persons outside assembly centres; resettlement; tracing; employment program; policy concerning unaccompanied children; tracing of unaccompanied children; and implementation of 92, a resolution relating to displaced persons.


Correspondence Files

United Nations Commission for Investigation of Greek Frontier Incidents

Series consists of correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, resolutions, lists, photographs, handwritten notes, and statements. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: resolutions to form the committee; lists of refugees; list of diplomatic corps in Athens; statements made for UN to support the formation of the Commission to investigate incidents along the Greek frontier. Correspondents include R. Harpignies, Principal Secretary; Major General Lowell W. Rooks, Director-General of UNRRA; A. Sobolev, Assistant Secretary-General in Charge of Secretary Council Affairs; Andrew Cordier; Trygve Lie; and V. Dendramis, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Greece.

Series consists of two sub-series: working papers and meeting minutes. Working papers are arranged by Commission (I, II, III, IV) and by technical committee and sub-committee therein. Records include memoranda, press statements, reports, advisory opinions, and attendance records. Meeting minutes are arranged by Commission and by technical committee and sub-committee therein. These minutes were not included in bound volumes of printed conference documents.

Central Registry Files
S-0925 · Series · 1945 - 1947
Part of United Nations Temporary London Office (1946)

Series consists of primarily documents the organizing of international conferences and commissions, General Assembly meeting arrangements, personnel hiring, and information/media activities. Records of the Preparatory Commission of the United Nations were incorporated in the Temporary London Office Central Registry files comprising this series. Included are records such as correspondence, reports Arranged alphabetically by file title.