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United Nations Office for Special Political Affairs (1955-1991) Série organique
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United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) - Subject Files

Series consists of letters, memoranda, clear and code cables, reports, minutes, name lists, notes, newspaper clippings, selected United Nations published documents and photographs of border posts and demilitarized zones (b & w, 220 3x5, 199 6x8, 9 8x12) relating to political, military and administrative matters, including ceasefire negotiations, breaches of ceasefire agreements, incidents at observation posts and demilitarized zones, meetings of various armistice commissions, the Suez Canal navigation, the demilitarization of Mount Scopus, the exchange of prisoners of war, the Secretary-General's statements and reports to the Security Council and the General Assembly, visits of Ralph Bunche to the Middle East, David Susskind's interviews with Abba Eban from 1967 to 1969, property claims, communications and transport, equipment and supplies, personnel and miscellaneous general services. Primary correspondents include Lieutenant-General Edson Burns, Ralph Bunche, Andrew Cordier, Dag Hammarskjold, Colonel Byron Leary, Lieutenant-General Odd Bull and Major-General Carl von Horn.

Existence and location of copies: The archives has a complete copy of the series in triplicate (PDF, TIFF, and GIF formats) on 35 CD-Rs, in box S-0312-0033.


Series documents the Nigerian conflict, in particular a rebellion of the Ibo Tribe, and the activities of the resulting United Nations relief mission. Records include reports of the Permanent Mission of Nigeria and the United Nations Representative in Nigeria (UNREPNIG), numbered and unnumbered code cables, clear cables, letters, memoranda, press releases, and newspaper clippings. Correspondents include Under-Secretaries-General Ralph Bunche and Jose Rolz-Bennett, Secretary-General U Thant, the Secretary-General's Personal Representative Nils Gussing, non-governmental organizations, and representatives of Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, and Nigeria. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Subject Files - Personal

Series consists of letters, a few numbered code cables (incoming), interview transcripts, articles, news clippings, and pamphlets relating to general contacts on behalf of the Secretary-General, general contacts with Bunche's own network, and Bunche's press appearances. Transcripts are of Bunche's and others' interviews. Topics include: the role of the United Nations, United Nations Middle East peace negotiations, the UN Emergency Forces (UNEF) operation issues and the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) refugee issues. Correspondents include: a few permanent mission representatives, Brian Urquhart in London, an UN Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) official, top echelon United States government officials, newspaper editors, and the general public.

Subject Files - SPA

Series consists of letters, memoranda, one file containing two unnumbered code cables, numbered code cables, clear cables, drafts of Secretary-General speeches, transcripts of interviews, articles, situation reports, minutes of meetings (various committees), press releases, and United Nations documents. Relates to general administration and operations of various United Nations departments, committees and organizations including: the Committee of Seven, the General Assembly, the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the Economic Commission for Latin America. Some of the correspondence relating to the Office of Public Information was accumulated while Rolz-Bennett temporarily assumed charge of the Office. Topics include personnel, finance, human rights, disarmament, economic development and trips of the Secretary-General. Correspondents include: Chef de Cabinet C.V. Narasimhan, Jose Rolz-Bennett, Secretary-General U Thant, and the Resident Representative for UNDP (in Mexico and later Argentina) Miguel Albornoz.
Accession Numbers: Unknown

Various Countries and Organizations

Series consists of a variety of records (letters, memoranda, clear cables, numbered code cables, press releases, news clippings, etc.). Includes text of 1959 U Thant speech and correspondence relating to Pope Paul VI's visit to the United Nations. Correspondents include C. V. Narasimhan, Jose Rolz-Bennett, U Thant, and representatives of the various countries and organizations (e.g., the Vatican, the Holy See and the International labor Organization). Arranged alphabetically by country.

United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC)

UN. Deputy Chef de Cabinet (1962-1964 : Rolz-Bennett)
Series consists of Jose Rolz-Bennett's reference set of letters (mostly copies), memoranda, numbered code cables, ONUC reports on civilian operations, Congo Republic draft constitution (copies), ONUC directives, and UN documents relating to ONUC finances, personnel, and operations. Also included is a copy of a speech given by the Under-Secretary-General Ralph Bunche on March 16, 1964 during the Dag Hammarskjold lecture series relating to ONUC. Correspondents include: Rolz-Bennett, Bunche, Secretary-General U Thant, Moise Tshombe (the provincial president of Katanga), and Permanent Representatives from various countries.
Accession Numbers: Unknown

United Nations Peace-keeping Forces in Cyprus (UNFICYP) - Cables

Series consists of cables relating to UNFICYP. Numbered code cables relates to UNFICYP Operation's including the resolution of military incidents and upates of the political situation in Cyprus. Correspondence include: Under-Secretaries-General Ralph Bunche and Jose Rlz-Bennett, Secretary-General U Thant, Officails from Legal Office and Field Service, and UNFICYP top echelon (including Chief Administrative Officer Frank Begley and Special Representative of the Secretary-General Carlos Bernardes).
Accession 72/88

Political Liaison Committee in Cyprus - Minutes

UN. Deputy Chef de Cabinet (1962-1964 : Rolz-Bennett) - UN. Under-Secretary-General for Special Political Affairs (1965-1970 : Rolz-Bennett).
Series consists of Jose Rolz-Bennett's reference set of minutes of meetings no. 252-607 (inclusive) of the Political Liaison Committee in Cyprus (copies). Meetings were divided into military affairs: topics including fortifications and military incidents; and civilian affairs: topics including freedom of movement, water supplies, agriculture, and property. Meetings were held in Nicosia. Present were UN Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) top echelon (including Colonel W. W. Turner, Deputy Chief of Staff; and G.L. Sherry, Senior Political Advisor) and a Political Liaison Officer from either the Cyprus government (Chr. Kythreutis) or the Turkish Cypriots (A.M. Berberoglu or Umit Suleiman).
Accession Numbers: A/585

Mission of the Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic (DOMREP) - Subject Files

Administrative history: The duration of the mission was May 1956 to October 1966.

Series documents administrative matters, meetings with representatives of the Organization of American States (OAS), and includes situation updates. Records consist of clear cables, numbered and unnumbered code cables, mission reports, draft progress reports of the Representative of the Secretary-General in the Dominican Republic Jose Antonio Maybre, OAS reports, etc. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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