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United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964) Série organique
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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - Registry - Administrative Services Division

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, incoming and outgoing cables, code cables, one book, drafts, minutes of meetings, personnel lists, directives and maps. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: personnel; administration; logistics; procurement; transportation and movement; book on regulations for UN Security Force; claims for loss and damage of personal property; guidelines for role of Field Administration Officer; interview results for administrative candidates; management of PX; promotions and recruitment; currency devaluation of Congolese Franc; morale, welfare and recreation for UN personnel; civilian and military leave policies; salaries and compensation; medical and dental issues; employment of Congolese individuals; accomodations for UNESCO and WHO personnel; general services; records of military deaths; investigations into food poisoning and theft; evacuation of Elizabethville; and motor vehicle issues. Correspondents include S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer; M. Khiary, Chief of Civilian Operatives; Naomi Osborne, Chief of Personnel; Nancy Gray, Chief of Civilian Personnel; Peter J. Hazou, Chief of General Services; Ben Twigt, Chief Administrative Officer, ONUC; George Lansky, Deputy Chief, Field Operatives; John A. Olver, Chief Administrative Officer; Albert Marx, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer; and Lt. General Sean Mac Eoin, Force Commander. Arranged in filing number order.

Bukavu Branch Office - Chronological Reference

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, incoming and outgoing cables. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: procurement; personnel issues; political issues; repatriation issues; travel and movement; welfare supplies and activities; communications; ONUC public information policies in the province; tensions between the ANC and Gendarmes; logistics; air-ops; public works programs; and evacuation of ONUC camp at Bukavu. Correspondents include Robin T.Miller; Fergus Fitzgerald; R. Rossborough; John Grun; Klaas Cuperus; and C.A. Gaviola. Arranged chronologically.

Goma Branch Office - Cables

Series consists of incoming and outgoing cables, handwritten cables, copies of cables, minutes of meetings, cable log sheets, and veterinary certificates. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: food supplies; UN personnel, arrival, departure, leave, and movement of; accomodations; UN vehicles; travel authorization; finances for project; evacuation of Goma airport; px supplies; dysentery epidemic; medical supplies; Red Cross; refugees; arrests of UN staff by Nigerian police; illegal sale and export of tusks of ivory; found cadavers; and cold storage facilites. Correspondents include William Rose; Mr. Khazoom; John Wood, Administrative Officer, ONUC, Goma; G.A. Dunn, Chief, Supply Office and Purchase Control, Leopoldville; Alan Cooper, Chief, Procurement Officer, Leopoldville; and Albert Marx, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Bukavu Branch Office - Registry

Series consists of correspondence, cables, maps, reports, budgets, memoranda, charts, handwritten documents, curriculum vitea, and bulletins. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: personnel; travel of UN personnel; missing medicine for Ruandan refugees; theft; food supplies; tea plantations; refugees; and hospital supplies. Correspondents include C.A. Gaviola, Chief of the Civil Mission; S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer; M. Khiary, Officer-in-Charge; A. Gilpin, Deputy Chief of Civilian Operations; J. Azzam, Chief, Administrative Services; F. Sanz Sancho, Chief Engineer of Public Works; A.N. Nachaat, Chief, Administrative Services; and A.E. Larcher, Chief of Public Works Section. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Bukavu Branch Office - Cables

Series consists of incoming and outgoing cables, and code cables, administrative circulars, reports, correspondence, memoranda and message forms. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: logistics; situations reports; accommodations; flour file; movement control; air-ops; finance; political affairs; security issues; welfare issues; personnel issues; public works projects; evacuation plans; rabies epidemic; North Kivu refugee camp; violations of Rwanda's sovereignty; increase in illicit arms traffic; arbitrary arrest of ONUC personnel; provincial assembly activities; sale and purchase of UN bonds by U.S. and Swiss governments; strict control imposed on roads leaving Bukavu to prevent escape of people sought by Surete; suspension of Congo Advisory Meeting due to events of Cuban Missile Crisis; studies in an effort to integrate 40,000 Katangese Gendarmie into ANC or civilian life; employment of refugees; economic mission; and political and tribal differences in Kindu. Correspondents include F.W. Fitzgerald; Charles Brackenbury; John Grun; Sture Linner; B. Bernander; Klaas Cuperus; J. Podesta; C.A. Gaviola; Robert Gardiner; M. Khiary, S.H. Ahmed; V. Jerkovic; Robert Grindall; Nancy Gray; and Carey Seward. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General - Registry - Technical Assistance

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, notes, lists, handwritten documents, drafts, statements, tables, information circulars, business cards, programs, translations, drawings, diagrams, seminar discussions, reports, brochures, contracts, application forms, job descriptions, itineraries, speeches, resolutions, questionnaires, maps, blueprints, appendices, laws, telephone directories, and field manuals. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: training programs to assist the government of the Congo; economic development plan; visits to various areas by civilian operations officials; import licences; food and agricultural assistance; fisheries; animal diseases; mineral resources; public works program; Tanganyika Lake; road, rail and river transportation systems; finance and trade institutions; investments; flood relief; budgets; economic survey; judicial system organizsation; organization of police; education system; social welfare; health needs; and bilateral programs. Correspondents include U. Thant, Secretary-General; S. Habib Ahmed, Chief, Civilian Operations; Max Dorsinville, Officer-in-Charge, ONUC, Leopoldville; S. Linner, Chief, Civilian Operations; James R. Brooks, Deputy Chief, Civilian Operations; A.C. Gilpin, Deputy Chief, Civilian Operations; Carey Seward; M.E. Larcher, Head, Public Works Program; Godfrey K.J. Amachree, Under-Secretary in Charge of Civilian Operations in the Congo; and G. Cedarwall, Public Finance Controller. Arranged in filing number order.

Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General - Registry - Personnel

Series consists of correspondence, cables, memoranda, lists, routing slips, minutes of meetings, job descriptions, handwritten documents, resumes, tables, travel authorization forms, accident reports, registers of death, standing orders, information circulars, terms of reference, press statements, diagrams, map overlays, translations, certificates, and forms. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: administration; accidents; incidents; manning tables; duties; privileges; translation services; treatment of ONUC personnel by military police; taxation; thefts; appointments; missing personnel; salaries; local recruitment of staff; insurance; and medical issues. Correspondents include Carey Seward, Acting Director, Office of General Services; S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer, ONUC; Nancy A. Gray, Chief of Civilian Operations; Remy Gorge, Principle Legal Advisor and Political Advisor; U. Thant, Secretary-General; Maurice Gauvreau, Chief of Personnel; H. Pichler, Administrative Officer, Congo Fund; A.C. Gilpin, Deputy-Chief, Civilian Operations; and Jacques Schoellkopf, Chief of Civilian Personnel. Arranged in filing number order.

Albertville Branch Office - Registry

Series consists of correspondence, field administrative reports, cables, memoranda, diagrams, circulars, truck registrations, handwritten documents, telegrams, airway bills, pay slips, disbursement vouchers, travel authorizations, movement orders, and press releases. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: accidents; railway; destruction of rail property; small pox; rationing of food; refugees; evacuation requests; provisions and accommodations for refugees; transit camp; reunion of families; dismissal of workers; attack on nun; Iranian earthquakes; auto thefts; air evacuations; local employees; air travel; reimbursements; hospitality allowances; sports equipment; films; food supplies and Red Cross. Correspondents include R. Polgar, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer; B.E. Beitsma, Administrative Officer; A. Marx, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer; J.M. Marek, Chief Administrative Affairs; G. Chaleb, Civilian Affairs Officer; Jose Rolz-Bennett, Chief UN Representative; Nils Gussing, Chief Co-Ordinator for Refugee Camp, Elizabethville; M. Pasquet Esq., Chief Finance Officer; and Iftikhar Shiekh, Personnel Officer. Arranged in filing number order.

Force Commander - Non-Registry

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, code cables, incoming and outgoing cables, situation reports, illustrations, maps, minutes of meetings, photographs, press releases, information circulars, and administrative circulars. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: ANC; movement of troops; Congolese Army; violence between UN personnel and Congolese; fighting between ANC and UN troops; theft and recovery of UN vehicles; labor strikes; debate in UN over Kruschev and Hammarskjold; Coud d'Etat in Congo; violence against Europeans in Congo; military operations; military build up; withdrawal of troops from provinces; provisions of foodstuffs and equipment; sacking, looting, and rapes committed by ANC troops; murder of Europeans; bread poisening in Goma; road blocks; destruction of bridges; cease-fire in Katanga; refugee camps; unlawful importation of arms, ammunition, and military equipment; operation "Rum Punch"; explosion in Kindu; curfews; customs issues at ports; ex-gendarmes; and entrances into Ruandan territory. Correspondents include Lg. Normandin, Liason Officer to ANC; Wf. Wiltshire, Chief Air Transport Officer; General M. Eoin, Force Commander, Leopoldville; General Mobutu, Commander in Chief, ANC; Major Ce. Davidsson; A.C. Gilpin, Special Assitant to the Officer-in-Charge; O. Jackman, OPI; Ambassador R. Dayal, Special Representative of the Secretary-General; J.G. Poulin, Chief of Military Operations; Ben Twigt, Chief Logistics Officer; N. Boskovic, Senior Consultant; K. Gordon, Chief OPI; and Major General A. F. Klintberg, Deputy Force Commander. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Force Commander - Cables

Series consists of incoming/Outgoing cables, code cables, memoranda, correspondence, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, diagrams, and maps. Subjects include airlifting equipment; airlifing personnel; airfield security; death of tribal chiefs; entertainment of troops; high level talks involving UN officials; troop transportation; road blocks; theft of vehicles; deployment of troops; looting; destruction of civilian property; propaganda leaflets; evacuation of civilians; traffic accidents; mercenaries; repatriation via air; striking workers; destruction of UN property; escalation of violence; smuggling activities; Kalonjist movement; court of inquiry; departure of UN staff; itineraries; riots; capture of arms and munitions; death of troops; prisoners of war; Katangese gendarmes; cease-fire; illegal diamond trade; destruction of bridges; refugees; refugee camps; relief supplies; flooding; problems with paracommandos; violent incidents; stores of meats and vegetables; killing of civilians by UN soldiers; refugee trains; and bombings by Katangese. Correspondents include W.F. Wiltshire, Chief, Air Transport Operations; Max Dorsinville; Carey Seward; S. Linner; J. Aguiyi-Ironsi, Force Commander; Ralph Bunche; Lt. Col. J. Cooney, Air Commander; R. Gardiner, Chief of Staff; Lt. Col. Mattimore, Force Commander; Col. O'Brien; President Tshombe; J. Rolz-Bennett, ONUC Representative; and Major B.P. Bhalla, Chief, Military Operations. Arranged by town of operations in two alphabetical sequences.

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