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S-0840 · Série organique · 1961 - 1966
Fait partie de United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964)

Series consists of cables, code cables, handwritten notes, lists, letters, memoranda, and translations. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: purpose of ONUC; ANC; Prime Minister Adoula; anti-UN propaganda; airlifts; Katangese gendarmerie; financing of civilian operations; staff structure; ceasefire; negotiated withdrawal of UN troops; and military coup d'etat by ANC Commander-in-Chief Joseph Mobutu. Correspondents include S. Habib Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer; Dr. Ralph Bunche, Under Secretary for Special Political Affairs; General Chr. R. Kaldager, Force Commander; U Thant, Secretary-General; Max H. Dorsinville, Officer-in-Charge; Bibiano F. Osorio-Tafall, Officer-in-Charge; Brian Urquhart; General Sean MacEoin, Force Commander; and Sture Linner, Officer-in-Charge. Files are arranged by subject, and are roughly alphabetical thereunder. This series was formerly boxes S-0463-0961, S-0463-0962, and S-0462-0963. Date of establishment occurred on 14/07/1960 by Security Resolution 143 (1960). The date of dissolution was 30/06/1964.