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Force Commander - Registry
S-0787 · Série organique · 1957 - 1964
Fait partie de United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) (1960-1964)

Series consists of correspondence, handwritten documents, administrative circulars, itineraries, agendas, forms, invoices, minutes of conferences, brochures, reports, aide-memoires, Congo medals designs, maps, diagrams, memoranda, business cards, resolutions, notes-verbale, photographs, and agreements. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: visits to the Congo by VIP's; phasing out of UN troops; resolution of Unity in the Congo; escape and capture of mercenaries; transfer of prisoners; organization of hospitals; detainment and abuse of UN personnel by ANC; situation in Katanga; mining in the Congo; security; personnel; Congolese Parliament; Congolese Government; incidents; and the railway system. Correspondents include Max Dorsinville, Officer-in-Charge; Andrew Cordier, Special Representative of the Secretary-General; Ben Twigt, Chief Administrative Officer; U. Thant, Secretary-General; Major General Charles R. Kaldager, ONUC Force Commander, UN Headquarters, New York; S. Habib-Ahmed, Chief Administrative Officer; Ralph J. Bunche, Under-Secretary for Special Political Affairs; R. Gardiner, Officer-in-Charge, ONUC; C.C. Von Horn, Supreme Commander; Sture Linner, Chief of Civilian Operations; and Major General I.J. Rikhye, Military Advisor to the Secretary-General. NOTE: Expunge sensitive/personal information (e.g. medical information, national identity and passport information) before releasing records for access. Arranged in filing number order.