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Administrative records

File includes items with the following subjects Use of Official Cars by Assistant Secretaries-General Representation of member governments on staff as of 31 January 1947 Selection and appointment of staff Procedure for sale of liquor Proposed weekly living allowance Draft message to the staff from the Secretary-General 4 Apr. 1947 Secretary-General's Staff Meeting of 28 May 1947. Some items were originally designated confidential.

Administrative records

File includes memoranda etc. on the following subjects Visa status of non-U.S. staff members serving in the United States Points concerning the 'freeze' on the filling of vacancies either by recruitment or promotion Survey of work of the substantive departments Sixteenth Session Ecosoc Documentation Overtime worked for Trusteeship Council Regulations for the control of documentation Extract from the minutes of the 220th meeting of the Committee on Contracts Draft statement of the Secretary-General on proposed amendments to the staff regulations etc. Reorganization of the Secretariat Organization of the Secretariat The Role of the Secretariat in the Work of the United Nations Organs Proposed assignment of responsibilities arising under resolutions adopted by the General Assembly at its Eighth Sessions during the period 15 September to 9 December 1953. A number of the items were originally classified confidential.

Administrative records

File includes notes to file memoranda etc. with the following subjects Restaurant and Cafeteria Expansion System of allowances to members of commissions comittees and other subsidiary bodies of the General Assembly or other organs of the United Nations Outside activities of staff members. Some items were originally classified confidential.

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