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Office of the Chief Administrative Officer - Cables

Series created by Chief Administrative Officer S. Habib Ahmed and staff. Records include correspondence, incoming and outgoing cables, and code cables. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: personnel issues; movement and transportation; procurement; finance; accomodations; burial of civilian personnel; refugee transfers; motor vehicle issues including acquisition, repair and 'cannibalization of'; travel; building contracts; subsistence suppliers; civilian operations; community development programs; rations and mess facilities; damage and loss to ONUC property; evacuation of 55 medical chimpanzees to Stanleyville; menacing and pillaging of missions; allowances, payments and salaries; blockade of Kamina Base; industrial diamond operations in Bakwanga; chicken farm project in Goma; water purification issues; starvation and malnutrition of children in Bakwanga; ONUC liquidation team and unnecessary arrests of ONUC personnel. Correspondents include B. Twigt; C. Brackenburg; Maurice Gavreau; Mr. Halbert; Mr. Wood; James W. Taylor; John A. Olver; Mr. Jerkovic; Mr. Marek; Roger Polgar; Mr. Azzam; C. A. Gaviola; Mr. Timbrell and Mr. Fitzgerald. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

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