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United Nations Executive Office of the Secretary-General (EOSG) (1946-present) Series
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Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim - speeches and addresses

UN. Chef de Cabinet - 1961-1973
UN. Executive Assistant to Secretary-General - 1974-1982

Series consists of texts and drafts of speeches and addresses by the Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, along with briefs, reports and background information, handwritten notes and related correspondence. Also included are materials, drafts and a master copy of Building the Future Order, a book of speeches by Kurt Waldheim. Files were accumulated by principal officer of Executive Office Robert Rhodes James.
Correspondents include Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Decolonization Tang Ming-Chao, Personal Assistant to the Secretary-General Anton Prohaska, Assistant Secretary-General of Office of Public Information Genichi Akatani, Chef de Cabinet of Office of Director-General in Geneva Eric Jensen.

Accession numbers are unknown

Secretary-General's Personal files

UN. Chef de Cabinet (1961-1973: Narasimhan)
Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs (1962-1973: Narasimhan)

Series consists of correspondence, memoranda, clear and code cables (numbered), invitations, working papers, meeting notes, newspaper clippings and United Nations documents relating to the office of the Secretary-General. Subjects include Annual Reports of the Work of the Organization (draft and final copy), records of meetings of Under-Secretaries and Assistant-Secretaries General, personalities, trips and travels, speaking engagements, and events. Correspondents include Secretaries-General U Thant and Kurt Waldheim, Under-Secretary for Conference Services Jiri Nosek and Under- Secretary for Political and Security Council Affairs A.E. Nesterenko.

Accession numbers: A/538, A/560, 65/219, 67/184, 73/176, 74/19, 74/74.

Former series location: DAG-1/1.2.9, boxes 1-19 (box 17 is missing); 1.2.10, boxes 1-4.

Secretary-General's invitations - records

Series consists of correspondence and memoranda, formal invitations, programmes, guest lists and seating plans relating to parties, receptions, luncheons, dinners, interviews, presentations and speaking engagements of the Secretary-General and other top echelon officials. Includes invitations accepted and declined, confirmations and letters of thanks. Correspondents include Secretaries-General Trygve Lie and Dag Hammarskjold; A. Sweetser, Director of the Washington D.C. United Nations Information Centre; and J. de Noue, Chief of Protocol and Liaison Section. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Office of Special Political Questions

Series includes sub-series DAG-1/8.0 and Accession 1981/0009.

In 1977, served as a clearing-house for information on all aspects of the assistance programme to Lesotho, regarding the complaints by Lesotho against South Africa in regards to its economic dependence on South Africa. In 1978, the Office directed two missions to investigate the South African student refugee problem in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zambia. - YUN, 1977 The Assistant Secretary-General was Abdulrahim Abby Farah - 1973-1978.

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