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United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) (1943-1946) Image Anglais
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[Yugoslavia] The demands of the intense traffic and the Yugoslav desire for immediate reconstruction, resulted in the bridging of these two blasted spans at Omis, near Split

Shows a small bridge in front of a mountain, Yugoslavia. Photo Mihanoff. No date [ca. 1946 or 1947]. UNRRA 672. Original title category: "Bridges" Unscanned image.

[Yugoslavia] Bogdan Belakovic, aged about ten years, the last of a family of 55 all of whom were killed in the Bosnian resistance to the Germans, Chetniks and Ustasha

Image shows a young boy in military uniform, holding a machine gun, Yugoslavia. Additional title information: "The last Belakovic... Until his father was killed he fought by his side; he saw many of his relatives die in battle and was finally killed himself in the Romania mountains in a surprise attack by Chetniks." No date: [ca. 1946 or 1947]. Original title category: "Yugoslavia, Children" UNRRA 4139.

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