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Registry (1945-1946)
S-0539 · Série organique · 1945 - 1946
Fait partie de Preparatory Commission of the United Nations (1945-1946)

Series is the registry system of files kept by the Preparatory Commission in the course of consultative and administrative activities to prepare for the establishment of the United Nations. Some of the records date from a post-Preparatory Commission period (the Executive Secretary functioned as the Secretary-General of the United Nations from 11 January 1946; the Secretary-General was appointed 1 February 1946). Included are miscellaneous records of the Executive Committee, official records of the Preparatory Commission, administrative records relating to the establishment of the International Court of Justice, a few delegation files, early records of the Economic and Social Council (15 July 1945 - 16 Nov. 1945), early sub-committee records of the General Assembly of the United Nations (25 Apr. 1945 - 30 Jan. 1946), some correspondence with member state missions to the United Nations (2 Oct. 1945 - 15 Dec. 1945), General Assembly files relating to proposed sites for the United Nations Headquarters (14 Jan. 1945 - 30 Jan. 1946), a few League of Nations negotiation files (11 Sept. 1945 - 7 Jan. 1946), correspondence with the press, correspondence with libraries, and letter registers (24 Sept. 1945 - 14 Oct. 1946). Arranged in file classification number order, i.e., in the order cited above.

S-0924 · Série organique · 1945 - 1946
Fait partie de Preparatory Commission of the United Nations (1945-1946)

Series consists of records which supplemented those in the Registry filing system, and other particular types of records, such as Commission minutes, cables, and printed documents, in other words, chronological files, working papers, administrative files, and miscellaneous files. There is no particular sequence to the arrangement, but appears in this order: technical committee working papers, Sub-committee on Communications, Advisory Group of Expects (financial matters), Orders of the Day Office files, miscellaneous files, and at the end, the chronological files (1 Sept. 1945 to 30 Mar. 1946).

Charter Materials and Related Papers
S-1019 · Série organique · 1945 - 1946
Fait partie de United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) (1945)

Series contains the following records in the stated order: copies of the Protocol of Deposit of Ratifications of the Charter and certified copies of the Charter; guides to Co-ordination Committee documents on the evolution of the Charter; photostatic of signatures of the Charter; copies of Instrument of Ratification of the UN Charter; approved text of the Charter; certified copies of the Charter in Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish; resolution on Interim Commission (Chinese); texts as approved by language panels; manuscripts for Charter, Statute of the International Court and Resolution on Interim Arrangements of Preparatory Commission (arranged by language); certification clause; signature pages; charter galley proofs (English, French, Russian Spanish); records relating to Charter completion and printing.

Representative and Observer files
S-1005 · Série organique · 1945
Fait partie de United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO) (1945)

Series contains the following records in the stated order: a list of delegations to the Conference, credentials of delegates (arranged alphabetically by country), records relating to the assignment of representatives to UNCIO commissions and committees, a credentials list of authorized signers of Conference documents, reports on credentials and full powers, draft lists of delegates and delegations, records relating to UNCIO observers, and records relating to credentials for the Preparatory Commission.

S-1203 · Série organique · 1945
Fait partie de United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) (1943-1949)

A Procurement Division was one of three major parts of the early Bureau of Supply (Bureau of Supply Order No. 2, c. Jan. 1944). By April 1944, it had become the Procurement Coordination Branch (later Division) (B.S. Order No. 8). In August 1947 the Division was abolished, its remaining functions being carried on by a new Division of Residual Operations and Records, which was in turn succeeded on 1 April 1948, by the Division of Residual Supply Activities (General Bulletin 277; Administrative Order 103, Supp. 21).
The chief responsibilities of the Procurement Coordination Division were to act in a staff capacity in developing a procurement program and 'to assume leadership for procurement work of the Bureau'; to maintain liaison with suppliers, government agencies, UNRRA offices, and supply missions on procurement matters; to assemble data on member countries ability to contribute to UNRRA and assist in negotiations for contributions; and to develop procedures for acquiring war surpluses.
The Division consisted of a Requisition and Budget Control Branch, a Surplus Property Branch, a Latin American Branch, a British Dominions and India Branch, and an Expediting (United States and Canada) Branch. A Direct Purchase Branch, which was a part of the Division until 16 May 1946, was abolished at that time and succeeded by a new Division of Emergency Procurement. The Requisition and Budget Control Branch was changed in January 1947 to the Funding, Budget, and Records Management Branch, under Allan T. Bonnell, who in August became head of the Residual Operations and Records Division.